Top 10 Blog Posts from 2019: The 2019 Wedding Season Recap

It’s the first Monday of the DECADE, and I don’t know about you, but getting back to work has felt both refreshing and a little daunting! To be totally honest, I’m feeling a little bit like this today

Before the holidays, I shared some of my favorite images from 2019. I know I had so much fun scrolling through and creating these posts, and y’all had so much fun reading them! The year-end blog posts are some of my absolute favorites to put together and made me so grateful for the year that had passed and for the years that I’m working on planning now!

As I took a deep dive into some of my data from last year, I realized that there was ANOTHER type of blog post that I wanted to share with you! Data is one of the most interesting things to me and is SO incredibly helpful as a small business owner and content creator. What are y’all reading? Where are you finding the content? What style posts are your favorite? These are all things that I track and use to create the things that I’ll be sharing with you and that helps me decide when and how to share things! After all… what would be the fun in sharing blog posts that you weren’t interested in reading?!

Because of this, I decided that it would be fun to share my top 10 “article style” blog posts that were most viewed this year! (Please note: this excludes weddings and portrait sessions!) I love seeing that this list mixes personal with wedding planning tips, DC favorites, and educational posts. These were all topics that I was hoping to focus on in 2019 and will continue to blog about in 2020!

If you were looking for some light reading material today… I got you, friend! I hope you enjoy!


Behind the Scenes: The 2019 Wedding Season Recap

Your Guide to Hosting Photo Sessions at DC’s Monuments and Memorials

Wedding Planning

First Looks: What to Expect from the Groom

Why You Should Always Download Your Images

My Suggested Family Portrait List

When Should a Bride’s Hair and Makeup be Done?

George Peabody Library:  A Baltimore, MD Wedding Venue Tour

Personal Posts & DC

14 Things I Learned as a Bridesmaid

Washington DC’s Cherry Blossoms

My Room Update: A Pastel Pink Inspired Bedroom

Happy reading!

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