From the moment you feel the first kick in your stomach to when your baby first smiles at you, the early days of your child’s life are some of the most special times in your family’s life. From the days you’re feeling the glow of pregnancy to the days when your little one is falling asleep on your chest, they’re all worth documenting! And YOU, proud and tired mama, deserve a documentarian who appreciates and preserves these moments in your family’s legacy.

That’s why I offer Baltimore maternity and newborn photography from first bump to first birthday, celebrating the milestones of maternity, newborn, six months, and 1 year. Through these four sessions, I’ll capture every season of this precious time so it doesn’t fly by without being documented in the way it deserves!

Prefer to pick and choose, or just document one of these moments? I offer a la carte sessions that adapt to even the busiest of families. Adding a little one via adoption or surrogate? I give you the customization you need to celebrate bringing a new child into your family, no matter how! I can’t wait to meet you and your new +1. 

newborn photography


Documenting all the precious moments from baby bump to first birthday
in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and beyond!

To get this process started, reach out on my Contact page with your due date, so we can schedule a maternity session and get an approximate newborn session date on the books. I’ll be back in touch with availability, pricing, and information to book! We can also hop on a quick call if you have any questions. 

The Inquiry



We’ll document your maternity session between 28 and 30 weeks of your pregnancy. With my client closet full of maternity dresses and drapes that will make you feel amazing for the camera, you don’t have to worry about buying new clothes when you’re feeling not quite like yourself. Just four weeks later, you’ll receive your gallery of high resolution downloads, which you can print and turn into family heirlooms! 

Document the bump

Maternity Session


Your baby is so precious when they have just come into the world, and the time will fly! 7-10 days after your baby’s birth, we’ll have a quiet, relaxed session in your home. A few weeks later, we’ll have a meeting where I’ll show your newborn photos and help you choose prints and products!

Document your baby less than 10 days after birth.



Six months in and your baby has already grown so much! I don’t want you to let this time slip by without having it carefully documented. We’ll celebrate how much your baby has grown with another beautiful gallery of photos. 

Document your baby as they grow.



What’s more special than a first birthday? We will document your baby as they get one step closer to being a toddler! We can have a fun first birthday theme in a studio, or document your baby in the same relaxed in-home session we’ve done in the past! 

Document your baby’s first birthday.



By now, you’ll have over one year of professional, vibrant photos documenting your baby’s growth. Over a meeting, I’ll help you choose the heirlooms that best fit you and your home. We can work together to build items that include all the stages of your baby’s growth!

I’ll walk you through ordering the items you and your family will treasure forever.




This complete package ensures every milestone in your child’s first year is documented with care. Package includes four sessions over the course of 18-months: 

30-45 minute maternity session
60-90 minute Lifestyle newborn session
30-45 minute 6 month session
30-45 minute 1 year session
Online Gallery and high resolutions Digital Downloads
Access to the CKP Client Closet for each session
Two heirloom consultation meetings: post newborn session and post 1 year.
30 miles of travel from zipcode 21230
Endless patience and care when photographing your little one!

Starting at $1,800

From Bump to First Birthday

Investment Details


Used for pregnancy announcements, maternity, and babies older than 3 months

Online Gallery and high resolution Digital Downloads
Access to the CKP Client Closet
Heirloom consultation session
30 miles of travel from zipcode 21230
Endless patience and care when photographing your little one!

Starting at $600

45 minute session

a la carte


Vibrant, true-to-life photos of your newborn less than 12 days after birth

Approximately 60-90 minutes of lifestyle family photography in home or a rented studio (At cost for client)
Online Gallery and high resolution Digital Downloads
Access to the CKP Client Closet
Heirloom consultation session
30 miles of travel from zip code 21230
Endless patience and care when photographing your little one!

Starting at $950

Newborn Session

a la carte

Maternity and newborn photography can be overwhelming. You already don’t feel comfy in the clothes you usually love, and the last thing you want to do is go shopping for new ones. So, I have a solution!

Welcome to the CKP Client Closet! Filled with dresses and flowy fabrics that look stunning for the camera and make you feel great, the CKP client closet is ready to be used for all of your sessions from baby bump to first birthday! I want to make maternity and newborn photography as easy as possible, so you can go “shopping” in this closet for any of these photo sessions.

Client Closet



No. 1

No. 2

I typically photograph mothers when they’re 28 to 30 weeks pregnant. This is a sweet spot when your baby bump is showing but you’re not too uncomfortable. For your comfort, I won’t photograph after 33 weeks.

No. 3

I recommend 7-10 days, but anywhere up to 2 weeks works! We want your baby to still be in that precious early stage of life, but give you some time to recover from the birth!

No. 4

They don’t have to be! Spouses, children, and even pets can be included in the photos, especially for the longer Lifestyle sessions. 

No. 5

I welcome all ways of bringing a child to your family! This experience can be customized to fit your needs, whether you’re adopting a child or have a surrogate.

No. 6

No. 7

Newborn sessions typically occur in client’s homes, while other sessions occur in a studio that I will help you select!

Document your baby at every stage of their growth, not just when it feels like these moments are slipping by! The Bump to First Birthday package is like your insurance policy to make sure everything gets documented beautifully even amidst all the chaos! Inquire today to ensure your spots are reserved.

Don’t wait until you’re saying, “I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten!”