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I'm Caity, and this blog is my very favorite spot on the Internet! I'm a wedding photographer based in Washington, D.C. with a heart for serving others through my creative work. Tune in for the latest and greatest in my world!


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June 28, 2020

I’m pressing publish on this post with so, so much excitement today! I’ve been working on something seriously BIG for the last couple of months, and I’m finally ready to share with you today. If the blog post title wasn’t enough of a dead giveaway to what I’ve been planning, I’m not quite sure what […]

March 8, 2020

A blog post… on a Sunday?! I know… crazy. BUT, today is a special day, and I wanted to CELEBRATE! Not only is it my 26th birthday, but it is the 10th anniversary of being gifted my first camera!!! In years past, I did a little recap about what I learned that year… sharing the […]

January 6, 2020

It’s the first Monday of the DECADE, and I don’t know about you, but getting back to work has felt both refreshing and a little daunting! To be totally honest, I’m feeling a little bit like this today… Before the holidays, I shared some of my favorite images from 2019. I know I had so […]

December 20, 2019

I’m not going to lie… putting this blog post together each year gives me all the feels. Wedding season goes SO fast… like I go to bed giddy on the first day of wedding season in May and then wake up in min-November feeling sleepy and all sorts of thankful and wonder what the heck […]

December 13, 2019

Hi friends, and WELCOME TO MY FAVORITE BLOG POST OF THE YEAR! (I feel like I’ll be saying that A LOT these days as I start to roll out my 2019 recaps!) Click the image below to grab your cards! If you’ve spent any amount of time with me during the holidays, you may know […]

November 1, 2019

Welcome back, friends! You made it through part one of the Great Big Disney Recap, now it’s time to dive into part two!!! (AKA Wedding Day, Magic Kingdom, and our final day traveling home!!) Savannah and I had SOOO much fun! I can’t wait for you to dive into today’s post! I’m keeping today’s intro […]

October 31, 2019

Y’all… I am SO excited about these upcoming blog posts! My Disney Recap has been on the backburner for just about a month now because… October. BUT, I finally had some time to sort through allllll the Disney goodness from my trip at the beginning of the month! This is my first personal post in […]

August 30, 2019

Y’all… to say that I am BEYOND excited for today’s post would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. I moved to DC well over three years ago and into an apartment that I absolutely love… it may be old, sometimes the heat doesn’t work during the winter… the paint on the wall occasionally chips or peels… but it […]

August 23, 2019

Today’s post brings me SO much joy! Earlier in the year, I realized that I have been using & reusing our family photo from over TWO years ago and knew that I wanted to change that over the summer when we were all together! I’m someone that preaches updating your portraiture often, if not yearly, […]

August 22, 2019

We’re back with another family recap today… this one is from my very favorite places! I’m not going to lie… when I sat down to start writing this blog post, I had absolutely no idea where to start. How do I sum up these 5 days in just a few lines?! If you know me […]