Helping you introduce a lighthearted, no-pressure atmosphere into your photography experience brings me about as much joy as finding tacos I can eat despite all of my food allergies! I love diving into my couple’s love stories, meeting the families that have supported them through their journeys, and trading jokes with wedding parties like an old friend. I love helping my families document the sweet season they are in while highlighting the things that make them special while building heirlooms and memories to last generations. I love celebrating grads accomplishments, giggling about their favorite memories on campus, and dreaming of what the future may hold. What can I say? I live for quality time and a great story! And I can’t wait to capture your story through the magic of photography next!

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Hi there, I'm Cait— rescue pup mom, 3-wick candle collector and

When I was little, my mom and I used to take summertime walks along the beach in Stone Harbor, NJ. With a small bucket in hand, I’d gather up little trinkets and treasures I found along the way. I remember collecting endless shells, pebbles, seaweed, and the occasional Kool-Aid Burst Bottle Cap, adding each one to my bucket to dump out later and sort through to find the real keepers, like the summer’s most flawless conch shell. Particularly because of my background in photojournalism, this is how I view photography—like I’m traveling through a day collecting little treasures you’ll be able to enjoy for a lifetime. When I unload a fleet of camera cards at the end of a wedding day or session—backing them up in a million different places as I go, don’t worry—the excitement of discovering what I’ve collected is always just as fresh as it was years and years ago!

My journey to photography was a long and winding one, but I should have known this was the path life was heading down all along. As my natural inclination for storytelling through imagery continued to grow, even little moments of self-doubt couldn’t keep me from where my heart was leading. In fact, it helped me refine my skills both behind the camera and behind the scenes, clarifying a process I’m proud to share with you today!


When I’m not kicking it with couples as a Baltimore wedding photographer, I’m probably completely absorbed in a true-crime podcast, teaching a barre class, cheering on the Nittany Lions during football season, buying a new plant I definitely don’t need, or giving my sweet rescue pup, Addie, a belly rub. I’ll never say no to a walk on Baltimore's Inner Harbor, especially if Addie is by my side! I am a proud, queer woman who believes that all love stories deserve to be told in a beautiful and affirming way. 

But enough about me! It’s your story I want to tell! And whether you’re planning a wedding or managing a flock of kiddos, you’ve got a mile-long to-do list, so let’s cut to the chase!





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