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I'm Caity, and this blog is my very favorite spot on the Internet! I'm a wedding photographer based in Baltimore, MD with a heart for serving others through my creative work. Tune in for the latest and greatest in my world!


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September 14, 2021

Gosh, what a DAY! My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard during Alison and Dan’s wedding day at Brantwyn Estate! When I arrived at their venue, I was instantly greeted by Alison and Dan’s dads… who were delivering all of the bridesmaids’ gowns, Alison’s dress, and all of her details! In addition to bringing everything […]

September 8, 2021

Where should you have your engagement photos taken in MD?! I’m so glad you asked! I’ve been in Baltimore for about a year now, and this post has been in my drafts folder for just about as long! I had big dreams to visit each and every one of these places on this list with […]

August 31, 2021

This wedding day was so sweet and special that, by the time I got home, my cheeks were killing me— in the best way, of course! I don’t think any of us stopped smiling for a minute. Lauren and Mike have been waiting patiently to become husband and wife for over two years now and […]

August 19, 2021

This sweet group of gals were the absolute best to work with— I can’t thank them enough for their flexibility OR willingness to get ready two days in a row! Leading up to their session, I was watching the weather like a hawk. I saw there was a slight chance of rain in the forecast, […]

August 16, 2021

I’m so proud of this dear friend of mine! I’ve known Kirsten (Or as I’ve called her for years, Kirst!) since we were both Penn State undergrads, me a senior, and her a sophomore…. and now, fast forward a few years, and she is both a Penn State Grad and a Villanova Law School Grad! […]

August 10, 2021

File this one under dream session, complete! Abby reached out to me a few months ago about scheduling a sweet couple’s session with their pup to celebrate her first birthday! I couldn’t say yes fast enough— Any time you want photos with your pup, you better bet I’m there! Bamba is a cavalier and poodle […]

August 9, 2021

DANG I cannot WAIT for you to meet this friend of mine! Manali is a POWERHOUSE of a business owner and one of the sweetest human beings you’ll ever meet. She is a photography educator, brand photographer, and wedding photographer with a strong focus on gorgeous, multicultural events. She has been a dear friend of […]

July 29, 2021

Happy wedding planning, friend! Today, I wanted to touch on a quick question that I get every now and then… it’s something that makes photographers cringe a little, but honestly, there is NO shame in asking your photographer this question! I actually don’t mind when I get this question because it gives me a chance […]

July 28, 2021

Oh my goodness… Mother Nature was certain that this session would never happen after multiple reschedules due to rain, but this crew was SO beyond flexible. For that, I’ll be forever grateful. Brianna is one of my sweet OTF friends, and when I say we spent MANY days after class in the studio, refreshing weather […]

July 27, 2021

I’m not a family photographer by any stretch, but when a CKP couple reaches out to ask if I can photograph their growing family, I just can’t help but step a little out of my typical scope! There’s nothing quite watching people move through various milestones of life, but it’s just a little extra special […]