Favorite Moments: The 2019 Wedding Season Recap

Am I the only one that is basically in SHOCK that Christmas is literally next week and 2020 is basically just two weeks away?! I feel like 2019 flew by, and now, I’m all up in my feels about how sweet this year was.

When I decided to put together a “best of” blog series this year, I was really excited to share some of my favorite moments and details from 2019, but I wasn’t expecting to sit behind my computer with tears in my eyes as I flipped through tens of thousands of images. You see… I’m really good at taking baby steps throughout the year, checking off editing for a wedding here, prepping bags for a wedding there, photographing a wedding one day, processing through emails the next day, and so on. What I’m not so great at? Seeing the big picture… recognizing all the work I’ve done and the role that I’ve gotten to play in the lives of couples all year long. To see all of my hard work and late nights and early mornings and stressful moments that turn to the sweetest in ONE place? There aren’t quite words to describe that other than: Thank You. I am so, so incredibly grateful for each person that has stepped in front of my camera and that will step in front of my camera in the future. It has meant so much to me to re-experience each of these moments, and it means, even more, to know that these sweet people trusted me to capture these moments in their lives.

I’ve wanted to put together a “best of” blog series for a few years now, and it seems that this year was FINALLY the year that I decided to press publish on it! This was such a daunting project to pull together because let’s be honest… each wedding of mine is a favorite for a different reason, and selecting my favorite images from an entire YEAR of weddings that I absolutely loved feels a little bit like picking a favorite child, and even as I press publish on this post, I’m thinking of images that I want to include! I originally wanted to share one blog post, and then after I started compiling images, I realized that you would be sitting here scrolling through one post for about an hour! So… I broke everything up into a four-part series (Moments, details, portraits and finally… behind the scenes!!!) and will be sharing them with you over the course of this week!

I’m definitely a photojournalist at heart, so it’s not a surprise to me that sharing my favorite moments was the first post I cranked out. There is so much beauty in the in-between moments that I absolutely love & I can’t wait for you to dive into some of the moments that helped to make my 2019 so special.

So much JOY! This sweet bride saw herself for the first time, and her reaction was EVERYTHING.  First looks with dad are one of my FAVORITE things! Just WAIT until this year’s 2019 Behind the Scenes pot to see what it took to set this shot up! Kerri literally SPRINTED to her first look with Matt! Dan wins the award for “first look reaction that never fails to make me smile.” Have I ever mentioned that first looks are my favorite thing? Just a liiiittle excited to get MARRIED! Emily and Matt met through their church’s choir, and the reaction to everyone seeing them for the first time as husband and wife (after they sang throughout their ceremony) was so beyond sweet. Take me back to Disney! If you learn anything from the reception portion of this blog post it should be this: I LOOOOOOVE a good black and white image! CKP Couples are some of the coolest people in the world! Come back tomorrow to see my favorite DETAILS from 2019!

Select images photographed while working for:

Savannah Smith Photography

Manali Photography

Nikki Schell Photography

Brett Denfeld Photography

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Beautiful year! Congratulations!

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