YAY! You’re Engaged… Now What? | Wedding Planning

December 11, 2019

The holidays are officially here, and with the holidays also comes proposal season! You may have noticed an increase in celebratory Instagram posts, or maybe you’re rocking a brand new piece of bling yourself (Congrats!!). Either way, so many couples will be celebrating a little extra this holiday season, and that is SO exciting!

If you happen to fall in the newly engaged (or soon to be engaged!!) category, you’re in luck! Today, I’m sharing three things that you should do following your proposal… and they may just surprise you! I know you’re busy celebrating this sweet new season, so we’ll keep today’s post short!

Let’s get started:

Take some time to celebrate

Take a deep breath, friend! This is such a sweet season! You’ll be married to your human forever, but you’ll only be each other’s fiance for a short amount of time. Take time to call your loved ones, to have an engagement party, to admire your ring, and simply BE each other’s fiance before diving headfirst into wedding planning.

I’m giving you a pass: it’s okay if you wait a month or two to start planning your big day!

Decide what you really want

YAY! Now that you are officially ready to start planning! With that, it is so important to decide what you want as a couple because the second you get to wedding planning, it will seem like everyone has an opinion! Do you want a big wedding with all of your friends and family in attendance? OR, do you want something a little smaller? Do you want a destination wedding? A private elopement? Before you start dreaming of color schemes and dresses and all of the pretty things, I want to encourage you to decide what YOU really want as a couple. Set your priorities first thing.

Get real about the numbers

Honestly, the above conversation AND this conversation should happen around the same time. What you want for your wedding and how much you want to spend is such a personal conversation that should happen as a couple. I really wish that this was as fun as dreaming about the pretty details for your day, but your starting planning steps should actually be a bit more technical. Get real about the numbers before you start planning anything else. Yes, we’re talking budget, and with budget, we’re also talking an approximate guest list. Set your approximate guest list and budget before you begin searching out vendors, venues, and so much more. Your numbers will guide SO much from venue selection, available dates, catering estimates, rentals, and more. The biggest thing that I want you to pay attention to here? Get REAL with the numbers. Use your priorities as a couple a guiding force to determine your budget and your overall guest numbers.

You are well on your way to rocking this wedding planning thing, friend! Once some of the big pieces of planning have been discussed, hop on over to the blog for some of my favorite wedding planning tips or to my Pinterest for some gorgeous wedding inspo! If you are interested in learning more about how to become a #CKPCouple, click here!!

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