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When Katie first reached out to me about photographing Cressana, LLC’s brand photos, I knew we were going to be able to create some pretty special images together. That said, I’m not going to lie… I was a little intimidated, knowing just how gifted and multi-talented Katie is! How were we going to tie everything together in a way that fully encompasses her expertise?!

You see… Katie is SO talented and her many gifts and interests so tactfully play into the structure and services of Cressana LLC. Katie, the owner and founder of Cressana LLC, is a strategic coach who has over a decade of experience as an exec in the corporate corporate world, a degree in engineering (and a love for systems), a drive to continuously learn, and a heart and passion for promoting mental health. She is currently studying for her masters in Organizational Leadership, is a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer, and is also a trapeze artist and coach! (I mean…. talk about a POWERHOUSE!) She uses all of her gifts and talents to create a sustainable and holistic coaching experience that is rooted in discovering what someone truly needs.

With so much experience and so many skills in her toolbox, Katie uses all of these things to discover who her clients are, what they need, and what they want. She then works with her clients to create a plan to fulfill their dreams in a way that is grounded in reality and sustainability. From Katie:

Cressana LLC was founded out of a deep passion for lifelong learning and supporting businesses and individuals as they grow.

I feel like this is such an incredible way to sum up what Katie has worked so hard to create through Cressana LLC. She has melded so many of her skills into one incredible platform that allows her to, quite literally, change lives in a way that no one else is currently doing. Katie’s diverse background and unique set of skills allows her to be the perfect support in the lives of so many people.

Throughout our planning, I was impressed by how intentional Katie was each step of the way— something that she carries through her experience with her clients as well. From her intentionality in selecting her attire, to the thoughtfulness behind including people in her imagery that have been incredible supports throughout her life and career, to carefully curating locations to use throughout… Katie worked so hard to plan her brand session, and it shows! We started at a park in Fairfax to photograph some soothing imagery to use throughout Katie’s site + some images of Katie in handstands— something that is a huge part of her daily practice! After that, we headed over to her house for some photos in her home office and living room. We finished over at her friends’ house with some of the corporate coaching storylines while Katie had a hair and makeup change! We finished with some polished headshots for Katie as well as some images of Katie in a coaching capacity. In short, we had a LOT to accomplish. We somehow did it ALL which is such a testament to Katie’s hard work and skillful planning.

It has been such a joy to watch Katie intentionally incorporate her imagery throughout her online presence. I cannot WAIT to see all that Katie does to change the world!

While Katie is currently based Arlington, VA, Cressana LLC is lucky to serve clients virtually in all corners of the country! (So… no matter where you live, if you have been looking for career or personal support— or both— don’t hesitate to reach out!)

Katie’s session was styled by the fabulous Katherine Bignon! To connect with Cressana LLC, click the following link for their:

Website | Instagram

Seeing clients intentionally use their images is the BEST part of my job!

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