Baltimore Brand Photographer | Lauren of Flor x Eight: A Backyard Rose Gardener

Lauren’s rose season is coming close to the end, so I had to get her gorgeous and colorful blooms up on the blog before her season is officially complete! I met up with Lauren at the beginning of the summer for her branding session (Yikes I can’t believe it has taken me until the fall to share them!), and after being friends for years and knowing just how talented and knowledgable she is, it was SO cool to get her in front of my camera. Would you believe me if I told you that Lauren had a full blown rose garden in Baltimore City?!

Well… welcome to FlorxEight, the most magical place in the City of Baltimore!

Seriously… Lauren’s backyard garden is such a magical place and the roses that come out of it are even prettier! I mean… considering my backyard is literally a slab of concrete that stores my trash cans and, occasionally a Baltimore City rat, it is pretty mind blowing to me that she pulls out buckets and buckets of fluffy blooms from her city backyard during rose season, but it doesn’t come without hosts of hard work. During Lauren’s bloom seasons, she works around the clock to tend to her roses, starting her day well before the sun cracks the horizon, trimming, weeding, and tending to ensure her garden roses are growing and blooming right on schedule.

As a rose gardener, Lauren partners with florists who source local blooms for weddings and events. If you work in the wedding industry (or are planning a wedding yourself) and have ever wondered where locally sourced florals come from, you’re about to get a sneak peek into the love and hard work that goes on behind the scenes to grow locally sourced florals!

I’m newer as a Baltimore brand photographer (DC has been a huge branding market for me over the years!), and it was so much fun to stretch these muscles a little closer to home! I’m so grateful that Lauren was down for getting in front of the camera during her busiest seasons of the YEAR!

I may be a little biased, but I 100% think it was worth it and still can’t get over just how talented and patient she is. She has worked so hard to create something so magical that touches the lives of SO many! I’m fascinated by all that she does to keep her girls (AKA her roses!) healthy and thriving… all while working as a kick ass full time architect!

Get connected with Lauren and follow along with her incredible work in her rose garden over on Instagram! I love seeing the pretty blooms she pulls out of the garden, but more than that, I LOVE seeing the behind the scenes and hard work that goes into maintaining a thriving rose garden! Lauren is a wealth of knowledge, and it is SO cool to learn from her stories, Reels and posts educating about all things roses!

Now… let’s take a peek into her brand session!

PS Lauren’s shirt is from Bloomhouse— Another independently owned and operated garden in the Baltimore area!

Like… How unreal are these flowers?!

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