What should I do with my engagement ring during my ceremony? | Wedding Planning

It’s the last wedding planning post of the YEAR, y’all! I can’t even believe it! Today’s post is going to be short but sweet, combing through something that may not seem important but could make a huge difference on your wedding day… trust me!

We’re talking all about what to do with your engagement ring during your ceremony! This is something that most people don’t really think about until their wedding day which is totally normal! That said, oftentimes when I hear someone wearing an engagement ring ask their crew what they should do with their engagement ring during the ceremony, they are met with about 50 different options. (Some of which, if I’m being totally honest… are a little risky!) Today, I’m breaking down the ONE option I think you should pursue and the ONE option you absolutely shouldn’t. So… let’s dive into it!

Before I go any further, I just want to clarify that this will apply if there are no religious or cultural considerations to keep in mind for your ceremony. Please check with your ceremony celebrant prior to making any engagement ring decisions. 

OK! So, diving right in… Let’s start with the option I want you to avoid at all freaking costs and that is: switching your ring to your right hand for your ceremony. The reason I want you to avoid it may be a bit obvious, but it’s true! The last thing you want is your ring getting stuck on your finger on your wedding day (And believe me… I’ve seen it happen!). Your fingers are all a bit different in size, even between the same fingers on both hands. Your engagement ring is most likely sized for your left ring finger and should be worn on that finger. Your fingers could swell, getting the ring stuck, OR your fingers could reduce in size, making the ring become loose, running the risk of it flying off. (See how avoiding this could make all the difference on your day?! Avoid a trip to the local firehouse OR a search of your venue with a metal detector) Either option sounds like a bummer in my book, so let’s avoid this!

What do I think you should do instead?

Wear your engagement ring as you usually do on your left ring finger. Yup, my advice really is that simple! During your ceremony, your brand new spouse will just slip your ring on your finger to meet your engagement ring. After your ceremony, you’ll be able to swap your bands so your wedding band is on the inside. Easy peasy!

This is an easy fix that could save you from a trip to the fire department to have your ring cut off or an hour spent on hands and knees searching for your ring if it flies off!

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