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Believe it or not, music is going to play a huge role in your wedding day! I’m sure you’ve carefully selected the music you’ll walk down the aisle to, have solidified your first dance song after combing through a number of options, and are excited for the music you’ll hear on the dance floor during your party! But, have you started to consider the music you’ll have playing as you get ready for the day?! If you haven’t thought about this yet, don’t panic… you are in the right place!

The music you play as you get ready for your wedding day sets the tone for the atmosphere of your suite! Music will have a pretty big impact, so I definitely recommend taking some time to sit down, open up Spotify, and put together a playlist of some of your favorite, upbeat songs. If you’re wondering where to get started with this, I got you!

Today, we’re going to comb through some of my top tips for creating a wedding day getting-ready playlist you’ll love listening to AND that will turn any nerves right into butterflies of excitement!

Let’s start with playlist length:

Look at your getting-ready timeline and determine how long you will be getting ready! While there’s nothing wrong with playing a song on repeat (I’m guilty of doing this on my way home from nearly every wedding I photograph!), I recommend having MORE music than you need to ensure you always have a little something different playing in your suite. Try to have at least 30 minutes to an hour of extra music on your playlist— chances are good, you’ll end up skipping around your playlist! Having more music than you need is often beneficial in this case. If you don’t end up listening to everything, that’s okay! You can always listen to the playlist later in the day OR in the car on your way to work to bring back memories of the morning of your wedding day!

Recipe for creating a great playlist:

Think of the vibe you want in your suite! Pick music that fits that vibe. I know that sounds super broad and overreaching, so think of it this way: the mood of your music will help contribute to the mood of the suite and thus… your mood! Pick songs in alignment with how you want to feel on your wedding day. If you’re not sure where to begin…

  • Start by picking one artist you love and pull your favorite songs over from there. Chances are good, this will start to spark a few different artists that you want to scroll through, so give your mind permission to wander and scroll and go down Spotify rabbit holes.
  • If you have any playlists that you typically default to, give those a quick scroll too to see if there is anything there that you would like to listen to.
  • If you’re starting to run out of inspiration, it can be helpful to type in a genre or feeling you want in the search bar! Chances are good, someone else was on the same wavelength and has created a similar Spotify playlist that will be great to scroll through.
  • Once you have a few songs on your playlist, know that Spotify now has a super cool feature where they’ll recommend related music for your playlist when you scroll to the end on Desktop. If you’ve hit an inspiration block, scroll through the Recommended song list, adding ones that resonate and refreshing when you need a new set!
  • I don’t have a specific getting ready playlist formula to follow, but just remember that this is your getting ready playlist! Add songs that speak to you and that contribute to how EXCITED you are for your wedding day. All genres get the green light from me… as long as they make you happy!

Make it collaborative:

Creating a playlist on your own can be really daunting which is why I recommend creating a collaborative Spotify playlist to send to your wedding party! (To do so, after creating a playlist, click the three little menu dots and tap collaborative playlist) Encourage your friends to add specific songs that remind them of you or that bring back a fond memory! This is a really fun way to add a little meaning (or a lot of laughs!) to the getting ready portion of your day. Keep in mind, not every song has to be totally serious— We’re going for an overall mood here! So… give your people permission to add songs that bring back even the silliest of memories!

Send it to your partner:

In a similar light, you have a collaborative playlist going! Why not send the link to your partner for them to add a few songs that remind them of you? This is a really sweet way to incorporate your partner as part of your getting-ready process! Encourage them to add songs that remind them of your relationship. Memories will come flooding back as you get ready!

Overwhelmed? I got you!

I know you also probably have a million and one things on your plate right now which is why I wanted to share the playlist that I compiled with my sister’s bridesmaids for her wedding day! This is a combination of her favorite songs, songs that remind us of her, and some of my favorites from one of my sweet bride’s getting ready playlist (Hi, Jenna!) who seemed to have song after song on her playlist that fit the mood perfectly! If you were looking for a place to jump from (Or maybe just wanted to steal the whole thing— that’s allowed too!), give this playlist a scroll! It’s about 7 hours of Taylor Swift, pop, and some fun throwbacks, so you should be able to find at least a little something to get your own playlist started!

Have fun, get creative, and then be sure to add a portable speaker to your packing list! Having some fun music on hand makes ALL the difference!

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