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Today’s blog post could change the game for your detail and getting ready photos, y’all! Today, we’re chatting all about floral delivery… what should you keep in mind? When should your florals be there? Should you request anything *extra*? We’re diving into all that, plus a little extra!

So… when it comes to your bouquet delivery, what would I recommend as a photographer?

  1. Schedule your bouquet delivery to the suite where you will be getting ready… or to the location where details will be photographed. This ensures your bouquet will be able to be incorporated into your detail photos and getting-ready images. Bouquets are the PERFECT pop for a dress shot or bridal portrait, early on in the day.
  2. Order clippings and florals, specifically for details… it is worth it, promise! I recommend asking to have this added as a line item on your final invoice to ensure these will be included for your detail photos, just like any other bouquet, centerpiece, or boutonniere. With the floral shortage and high demand for vendors (and because florists deserve to be paid for their product!), I highly recommend adding this to your order, instead of assuming your florist will include these for free.
  3. It’s best to have bouquets and florals delivered 30-60 minutes ahead of your photographer’s arrival. This ensures that when I arrive, I’m able to grab your bouquet and floral clippings and get to work right away. I recommend having them delivered well before your photographer’s arrival because sometimes, I like to arrive early to get a jump start on things! 😉
  4. If it isn’t possible to have your bouquet or floral clippings delivered prior to your photographer’s arrival, I recommend hitting up Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for some greenery and blooms that will coordinate with the buds in your final bouquets. The key here? You want the florals to be the same as the florals that will be incorporated in your final bouquet. Including roses, ranunculus, and silver dollar euc? Grab a few stems of the florals in the colors you will be incorporating and a bushel of eucalyptus! This ensures consistency between your detail images and all of the other photos with your gorgeous bouquet, tying your entire gallery together from start to finish.

Bonus: This one will be for a little later in the day, but I figured it didn’t hurt to incorporate here! Consider your getting ready location and the things that will be available to you! More often than not, bouquets arrive in vases of water and need to be dried off before being held for photos or a walk down the aisle. If there will not be paper towels or hand towels available, I recommend bringing along some paper towels or hand towels to dry off bouquets. This ensures that the wedding party will be able to hold their bouquets close without having to worry that it’ll look like they peed themselves!

Hope you found this helpful!

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