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HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! I wanted to keep today short and sweet because I’m hustling hard behind the scenes on something super exciting. With that being said, I really wanted to share something with you today!! Because I’m missing wedding season a little extra these days, I thought it may be fun to share a few things that I love to use on wedding days. In fact, I use these items SO much throughout a wedding day that I don’t think I could last a wedding without them!

Keep scrolling for three (Very random and unrelated) things that I can’t live without on wedding days!

Oatmeal Lace Apron

I’ve been using my apron for two wedding years now, and y’all… I have no idea how I photographed weddings without it! I decided to purchase an apron for wedding days after carrying a bag all day long made my already not great back feel a lot worse at the end of the night, and let me tell you… this thing is the biggest blessing! I keep memory cards, timelines, family lists, cell phone, lenses, batteries, protein bars/snacks, and pretty much anything else I may need right around my waist in my apron! I love that it is cute and monogrammed, but even more than that, I love the functionality! I’m able to quickly access anything I may need throughout a wedding day and can easily stow items away just as fast!

Stasher Bags

I would absolutely recommend Stasher Bags to anyone and everyone, not just wedding day professionals, but I have fallen in love with using these on wedding days! Stasher Bags are basically reusable ziplock bags that got a huuuuuge glow-up. I’ve tried nearly every reusable ziplock baggie and Tupperware container out there, and I have to say, these take the gold for being the BEST! I love that they’re kind to the environment, dishwasher safe, sturdy enough to weather a full day in my equipment bag without opening, leaking and/or tearing, AND they’re so cute. About halfway through last wedding season, I went grain & dairy-free in addition to already being gluten-free which means… I’m bringing a ton of prepped snacks with me on wedding days now! Having a few Stasher bags filled with fruit, nuts or other snacks close by is always so helpful in keeping me fueled!

Apple Watch

Ok… I kind of hate that I’ve listed this one on here because Apple watches are a pretty big investment, but I decided to add it to the list because using my watch on wedding days has been a GAME CHANGER. I’m a former Fitbit user and love that my Apple Watch tracks my activity as my Fitbit used to, but even more than that, I use my Apple Watch to keep track of so much more! I can access timeline, miscellaneous shot lists, weather updates, and more right from my wrist. I really like that I don’t have to pull out my phone to see what’s coming next! I have a wedding day watch face that I switch over to the night before a wedding. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like my Apple Watch because I really don’t love phone pop-up notifications, but notification settings on your watch are totally able to be customized. I really love my Apple Watch on the daily, but especially on wedding days! I’ve been thinking about doing a blog post all about how I use my watch on a wedding day! Thoughts?!

Bonus: A Change of Shoes

More of a tip than a product! If you’re not bringing a change of shoes with you on a wedding day, friend, I highly recommend bringing something along to change into after the scheduled/formal events during a reception conclude. It is a huge relief for your feet, and it is so good to have something extra with you just in case of an emergency earlier in the day (Think: rain, mud, stepping in something weird…).

These are a few of my favorite wedding day shoe changes:

  • My Go-To All Day Flats: Hush Puppies Chaste Flat in Nude (I’ve been wearing these for years!)
  • Target Rose Gold Sandals (These are my FAVORITE to change into during a reception! I promise… they do look really nice in person!)
  • Birkenstocks (I typically only wear these on a doubleheader weekend or if my arches have been giving me trouble earlier in the week!)
  • Dr. Scholls Slipons (These look as close to the ones that I have as possible, but I have them in gold! My favorite winter reception shoe!)

Do you have something that you can’t live without on a wedding day?! Let me know in a comment!

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