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I feel like it’s been a minute since we’ve had a classic #FridayChatter blog post, and because of that, I’m sharing something REALLY good with you today! At the beginning of the year, I sat down and created my goals and visions for the upcoming year, and one of those goals was to provide fun, engaging and USEFUL educational pieces for photographers. Previously, I’ve only provided education via the blog (and that is going to continue!!), but I also knew that I wanted to do a little something more! I wanted to start providing free downloads to help other photographers succeed in their businesses. I also added the challenge that I wanted these free downloads to relate to the season I’m currently in because I knew chances were, other photographers would be in a similar season too! I’ve been having SO much fun brainstorming and creating these mini documents and have two more coming your way later this year!

A few months ago, you got access to the FULL breakdown of my Timeline Creation process, and today’s download is quite a bit different from the first one I released…

🎉Today you’re getting access to my FULL interactive wedding packing guide!!! 🎉

Can you tell I’m excited about this?! If you have been following for a while and are wondering if I previously released a packing list on my blog, you are 100% right! However, a ton has changed since that post went live in 2017, and this new and updated packing list has some major improvements… but more on that in a second! 

Truthfully, at the start of this season, I was prepping for weddings from memory. After doing it a time or 10, you get into your flow… charge batteries, clean lenses, pack bags, print documents, etc. etc. However, as I progressed through the season, I realized that I started to second guess myself as I packed! Did I charge all the batteries? Refill my emergency kit? Put my camera in my bag?! (Or was that last weekend?!) Of course, I knew deep down that all of these things were done, but as a paper and pen list loving gal, I really felt like I needed a list to check twice before hopping in the car. I decided to create a packing list for myself that I can use on both my computer AND with pen and paper, and I loved the system so much that I wanted to share it with you!

Here is where this gets GOOD! This document is a full TWO PART packing list!!! The first part: the list I use to pack and prep for weddings. I created the list as I was packing and prepping for a wedding and decided to include more than what I pack on the list… I also included my pre-wedding must-do tasks broken down by when they happen, my must-have wedding emergency items, in addition, to all of the gear that comes along with me on a wedding day. The list got pretty long pretty fast, y’all!

The second part of the list is completely blank so you can customize the document yourself! You’ll find spaces to label your list based on which event you are prepping for, plenty of spaces for your gear and equipment, spaces for miscellaneous items and your pre-wedding to-do’s! I recommend building out your basic frame and saving an updated copy of the document somewhere safe on your computer… that way, you’ll have access to your own individualized packing list whenever you may need it!

This document is flexible & interactive… meaning you can print to use with pen and paper OR you can use it directly on the computer. I’ve built a totally interactive packing and prep guide to ensure that, wherever you are, you’ll always be able to stay organized!

To help get you organized for each wedding day, this FREE download features:

  • Everything that is in my Think Tank camera bag for a wedding day
  • A breakdown of the key “emergency” items I bring with me to each wedding
  • My pre-wedding workflow & reminders for what I do the week before, two days before & the day before each wedding
  • A second and completely blank interactive packing list to customize with your own equipment, to-do’s & week-of reminders
  • A fully interactive PDF design, meaning you can use this list on your computer OR print to use with pen and paper! (Please note: your packing list is BEST used with Adobe Acrobat!)

*Before accessing your document, I want to be clear: my list should not be used as a personal shopping list… simply as a bit of inspiration to help you ensure you have everything accounted for as you build your own personal packing list!

Click the image below to access your download!

I hope you enjoy & find this helpful, friends! If you have any questions about the list or why I pack certain items, drop a comment below, or send me an email!

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