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Happy Wedding Wednesday, friends! Today’s post is one that I am SO excited about because it is something that I feel so strongly about! The morning of your wedding day is a time that is filled with so much anticipation and excitement! This is the day that you have been waiting for for a long time, and ITS FINALLY HERE! What a lot of people DON’T necessarily realize is that wedding day mornings can often be filled with a little bit of stress and a whole lot of anxiety. It is always my hope that a bride begins her day feeling giddy and excited, but that isn’t always the case! How you choose to spend your wedding day morning has a huge influence on how you’ll feel that morning and for a good portion of your day!

I’ve read blog posts and forum posts about this, but none of them really seemed to address what I hope for all of my couples… which is why we’re diving into this very topic today. I believe that the morning of your wedding day should be relaxing & fun… productive & memorable. You should have time to giggle, time to breathe, and time to spend with your best gals! Because of that, I’m super strategic about how I plan each of my wedding day timelines! The rest of it? That’s up to my brides!

Today, I’m sharing three things that I recommend brides do for a streamline and FUN wedding day morning! Let’s get started…

Put someone else in charge

This one takes a bit of prep and planning, but it is SO worth it. As you are sitting in the hair and makeup chair, the last thing you should be worrying about is table linens or ceremony set-up. I know it is hard to release control, but your wedding day is not the time to micromanage, friend! You deserve to take some time to relax before you walk down the aisle. Before your big day, loop your planner, coordinator, or enlisted trusted friend/family member with experience in the wedding industry to monitor vendor deliveries and event set-up. Prep well ahead of time and then let other people handle the logistics! If you really cannot release control and must be involved with setting up the morning-of, DO be sure to schedule a time where you will be passing off your prep duties to someone else as you head off to your suite for hair, makeup and some time to relax.

On the bridal suite side of things, you should enlist your maid of honor or other trusted bridesmaid/friend to monitor breakfast/lunch food deliveries, to tidy up, to keep track of your bridal detail kit, and to keep bridesmaids on task and on time as they circle through hair, makeup & getting changed for the day. Instead of managing the room, you should focus on enjoying time with your people!

Eat and drink a little something

This one may seem a little obvious, but oftentimes, it is the one that is MOST overlooked! You will definitely want to spend some time fueling the morning of your wedding day. Anxiety and even excitement can make it hard to eat a full meal, but eating a little something here and there will go a long way to help you feel good all day long! Order or prep easy to eat finger foods (that you love!!) for breakfast/lunch and be sure to have plenty of snacks like granola bars, your favorite sweet treat, and some fruit available for munching.

While I do always encourage a mimosa or two the morning of, DO be sure to sip on a little extra water too… your skin and your body will thank you later!

Breathe. Take time for YOU.

Your wedding day will fly by… I can nearly guarantee that! While you’re prepping and getting ready for the day, it is important to take some time to do what YOU need to do. Maybe this is taking some time to breathe… maybe this is going on a run or getting some exercise in well before hair and makeup… maybe this is sleeping in… taking some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of hair and makeup… writing vows… reading letters… texting your spouse-to-be silly memes… having hair and makeup done early so you can sit and relax and giggle with your girls… I can’t answer this question for you, but I can tell you that it is important!

You may not what you need until the morning-of, and that is totally okay, friend. My encouragement to you though is this: take some time away from being a host and a bride and take some time just for yourself! It is okay to take a moment to breathe amongst all of the excitement!

Bonus: create a timeline and stick to it

This one will happen well in advance, but it might be THE most important item on this list! Before your wedding day, you should consult your beauty team to create and coordinate a wedding day hair and makeup timeline. You should consult your planner or photographer to create a timeline for getting ready and for portraits following hair and makeup. Then day-of? Stick to the schedule! Yes, things may get off here and there, but for the most part, if you have worked with your vendors to create a timeline and have briefed your girls that you don’t have a ton of buffer room for hair re-do’s and endless makeup touchups, you’ll be good to go!

This goes back to my first point: put someone else in charge of managing this part of the day! Hand your hair and makeup timeline off to your maid of honor or another trusted friend and have them help keep everyone on track!

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