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When I arrive on a couple’s wedding day, the first thing I do after a round of hugs and hello’s? I begin photographing details! These are the beautiful photographs of a couple’s rings & florals, stationery & invitations, wedding dress & shoes and just about everything in between. These photos are the perfect way to tie a wedding gallery together, and after investing so much time and cash into curating these details, I truly believe that my couples deserve to have their details beautifully documented too!

I tell all of my couples that they should collect their details in a box or tub at least one week before their wedding day. Make your wedding details box well in advance to keep you organized as you pack for your wedding day! As a bonus, when I arrive, no one will need to be running around the suite searching for bits and pieces… Stress eliminated!

So… what exactly do I recommend you include in your detail box?! We’ll start with the bride and then we’ll cover the groom! Here’s the official list… feel free to take some notes or a screen grab to keep this close on hand!

Bride’s Kit

Your Wedding Dress

I can’t wait to see your gown!!! This is one of my favorite details to photograph. I recommend hanging this in a space away from your snack setup and hair and makeup stations to avoid foot traffic and potential spills.

Bridesmaids Dresses

There is no need to include all of your dresses unless you want a photo of all of the dresses together! Oftentimes, I’ll photograph detail flat lays on a bridesmaids dress. Ideally, I would love it if you could have one or two of your dresses available for me when I arrive. If you have opted to have dresses in multiple colors, please have your lightest toned dresses available.

Hanger for your Dress

Trust me when I say it makes the BIGGEST difference to have your dress hanging on something pretty! The plastic hangers/cardboard form that dresses often arrive to you are practical, but they don’t photograph the best. Your “pretty hanger” could be as simple as a white wooden hanger or as ornate as a custom hanger, personalized with your future last name!


If you are wearing a veil or are incorporating a hairpiece into your wedding day look, I want to photograph it! If your hairstylist needs it before I arrive, no worries! I can always photograph it after it is in your hair! (It just won’t be included in your detail photos!!)

All three rings

I promise my second photographer and I will keep your rings safe!! Typically, my second photographer will take the rings to the best man as soon as the guys are ready to be photographed! I will need BOTH of your wedding bands and engagement ring!


A bride’s wedding day shoes are one of my favorite things to photograph. If you are wearing more than one pair of shoes on your wedding day (Think: one for your ceremony and photos and another pair for your reception!), please include BOTH in your details box OR only include the pair of shoes that you would like photographed.


Bouquets are THE perfect way to tie all of your detail images together to the rest of your day. Please remember to have your bouquet delivered to your bridal suite BEFORE my team’s arrival!


This includes your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets too! I recommend putting all of your items in one small box within your details kit/tub for safe keeping. I’ll photograph you as you put on all of your jewelry, so there is no need to start your day with your earrings already in or necklace on!


I love when brides have a signature scent for their wedding day! Even the simplest of bottles make a great addition during details.

Invitation Suite & Stationery

This includes your wedding invitation, response card, reception invite, any envelopes or inserts… basically, anything you’ve sent to a guest! I don’t typically need engagement party or bridal shower invitations, but you are more than welcome to include these if you would like them photographed! Please make sure envelopes are unused/unsealed and that you are comfortable with the addresses on the envelope being photographed.

Borrowed and Blue

Are you including anything old, new, borrowed or blue on your wedding day? This could be just about anything! If so, please include the items in your detail box!

Family Heirlooms

This is one of the sweetest ways to pay tribute to the generations that came before you. Whether you are wearing a piece of your grandmother’s jewelry or a ring that belongs to your mother, I think it should be photographed! Do be sure to include it in your box of details.

Easy ways to enhance bridal detail images:

While I do bring a small styling kit of my own to each wedding if you are looking for a few sweet and easy ways to enhance your detail photos, add an item or two from the following list to your details kit!

Mrs. Box

These velvet ring boxes (Linked above!!) are absolutely to DIE for! Adding a velvet ring box that coordinates with your wedding day colors is a surefire way to take your detail images to the next level! You can also get your box with a CUSTOM monogram! Not only do they photograph beautifully, but they make a great place to keep your ring safe while you sleep or do the dishes before or after your wedding! I know so many brides that love having a Mrs. Box as a keepsake from their wedding day!

Floral Clippings

I’ll need your help on this one! I often recommend that my couples reach out to their florists before their wedding day to see if it would be possible to have their florist hold on to the scraps from their floral order. I know this sounds weird, but hear me out! The snips of greenery, buds and blooms are a super elegant way to tie your details together! They don’t need to be packaged, tied or in anything fancy! If there are scraps from your order that were cut from your bouquet and were just going to be tossed in the trash, I can use them! All you have to do is ask your florist if it is possible!

Hand Died Silk Ribbon

I have a small kit of beautiful ribbons that come with me to each wedding, but if you want to incorporate something specific into your details, I recommend purchasing something on your own! Hand died silk ribbons are a beautiful way to add a splash of color and a bit of dimension to your detail photos! Some of my favorite ribbon shops can be found here and here!

Groom’s Kit

The groom’s details are typically a little faster to photograph! He doesn’t necessarily need a FULL details box, but his items should be set aside before my team’s arrival. His wedding day details should be photographed too! I’ve found that every groom’s personal details do vary. Some grooms have ALL of the below items, and some only have a few… whatever special items he has on his day though, we’ll want to grab a quick snap of them. I’ll list the most common items that I see on wedding days below:

Dress Shoes

I recommend having the groom keep his shoes off until after my second shooter or I arrive! Shoes are one of the most common grooms’ details that I photograph. I’m definitely going to want to grab at least one snap of them before they go on his feet!


A groom’s tie says so much about him and your wedding day! No need to worry about tying the tie before I arrive. We’ll photograph it, as is (untied or pre-tied clip!).


If your groom is wearing cufflinks, be sure to remind him to lay them out. I love when grooms have custom cufflinks that say something about their personality or wedding day!

Wrist or pocket watch

This is one of those accessories that grooms sometimes opt not to have. If your groom has a nice watch that he will be wearing on your wedding day (Something other than a digital/sports watch, Fitbit or Apple Watch), I’ll definitely want to photograph it!

Socks (if special)

If your guy is wearing, what I like to call “personality socks,” let him know that he should wait to put these on! Personality socks are basically anything but dress socks! Typically, they’re just fun crew socks and sometimes have a silly story behind the design. More often than not, I’ve found that the groom is really excited about them! If your groom is wearing regular dress socks, I won’t need to photograph those.


One of my favorite grooms’ accessories! I’m definitely going to want to get a snap of your groom’s boutonniere with his tie and shoes!

Tie Clip

This is an accessory that many grooms opt not to have, and that is totally okay! If your guy is opting to have a tie clip though, be sure to have him set it aside.


I’ve found that many grooms have chosen a special wedding day cologne! If your guy has a cologne that he will be wearing for your big day, make sure he sets it aside with his details. If his cologne is in an aerosol bottle or can though, I probably will not photograph it. Glass bottle sprays or rollers typically photograph best.

Heirloom accessories

I know many grooms include heirloom accessories that they have been given or have borrowed. Oftentimes, these include handkerchiefs, wrist watches, pocket watches, cufflinks, ties, etc. (Some of the accessories may have an overlap with the above-listed items!)

You did it!! You made it to the very end of the lists! I hope you’ve found this bride and groom wedding day detail guide helpful as you plan your big day.

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