Nicole and Dylan | A Sunrise Engagement Session In Georgetown

Oh my goodness… I’ve been DYING to share Nicole and Dylan’s engagement session with you since we met last week! We actually met at SUNRISE for their engagement session which meant that we were meeting well before 7AM! Goodness, I am SO thankful for clients like these two that will wake up well before the sun during their workweek for their engagement session with me! (Thank you, Nicole and Dylan!!!) These two arrived bright and early, dressed to the nines, with smiles on their faces and then snuggled and giggled and twirled their way through their engagement session! We started their session down at Georgetown’s waterfront park and headed up through the neighborhoods from there. (We covered so much ground!!)

Nicole and Dylan actually met the very first day of college! They both attended the University of Maryland, were in the same honor’s program, and lived on the same dorm room floor. Nicole had a crush on Dylan right away, and after learning that their feelings were mutual, they’ve been together ever since! Now, these two call DC home! Dylan recently graduated from his master’s program, and after his graduation ceremony, these two decided to take a walk over to the Capitol. Little did Nicole know that Dylan had a surprise in the works! When they got there, the Capitol building was all lit up, and they had the entire area to themselves. (If you know DC, you know this is pretty rare!) Dylan asked Nicole: “What do you want to do now that I’m done with school?” She answered, “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?” and he said, “I kind of want to get married,” and pulled out the ring! Is that not one of the sweetest things you’ve ever heard?! I bet you may have been able to guess… but SHE SAID YES!

Now… one of my favorite parts of the whole pre-wedding process is asking my couples what they love the most about the other… it is such a sweet way to get to know who my clients really are as individuals AND as a couple! I think these two may win the award for sweetest responses ever! I can’t even summarize them… I want you to hear them word for word from Nicole and Dylan! From Nicole:

I am anxious/a worrier, and he grounds me and makes me feel safe. He is expressive with his feelings and makes me feel brave. He always meets me where I am. He listens thoughtfully and is so accommodating. He believes in me and encourages me.

From Dylan:

She is incredibly talented and humble. She pours every bit of herself into her relationships. She is compassionate towards others and would do anything for a friend. She encourages me without pressuring me, and is the best role model, friend and partner I could ask for.

From the moment I met them, it was so obvious that these two just work so well together. I had SO much fun at their engagement session, and I’m already counting down the days ’til I get to see them for their wedding in just over a year! They are planning a joyous celebration for October of 2020, and I cannot wait!!

These two make 7AM look so good!! The Georgetown Canal has been under restoration for a while now, and I was so hopeful that there would be a piece with a bit of water in it! We lucked out… gorgeous light, no construction vehicles, AND water in the canal! One of my favorites! Obsessed with Nicole’s dress! I just love how much variety there is between locations that are so close to each other in Georgetown! I just loooove early morning light! Nicole’s diamond is actually her great-grandmom’s! How sweet is that?! (Plus… it’s beautiful!!) DC or Charleston? You tell me!

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