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Happy Friday, friends!!! Photographers… you have probably seen me post about this time and time again, but I truly believe that it is such an important topic! For the longest times, my posts on said topic were directed towards supporting clients! But today? It’s your day!!! You are definitely going to be able to get an idea of what we’re chatting about just from the title of this post…

But before we totally dive in, I want you to take a moment for some personal reflection. Before a wedding, what do you do to help your clients prepare for their day? Do you have an engagement session? Do you send wedding planning tips and tricks? Do you share resources to help the day run easily? Do you help plan family portraits or offer guidance when creating the timeline? Maybe right now you are just showing up to a wedding day and hope everything falls into place?! OR, maybe you are prepping to photograph your first ever wedding and you aren’t quite sure where to start! Whatever season you are in and whatever you are doing now, I want you to just make an honest, mental note of where you currently stand.

Now… It may sound harsh, but I’m here to tell you: If you are a wedding photographer that is NOT currently assisting your client during the timeline creation process, you are doing them and yourself a huge disservice.

I know that’s a lot to say! Let’s rewind a bit. Have you ever shown up to a wedding day and learned that you had 2 minutes to photograph details, 5 minutes to get the bride into her dress, 10 minutes for a first look AND still had to get to bride and groom portraits?! That sounds like major stress to me.

I’m so thankful that I am able to say that this has never happened to me because I have always assisted my clients in preparing a timeline that we both love! Yes, I still do run into timeline delays… that’s just part of the industry! However, if the above scenario HAS happened to you, I’m here to say that YOU are the only one that can have a hand in changing things for the better. Chances are good, this is the first time your clients are taking on wedding planning! They’ve never done this before, and they’ll be looking to you (the pro!) for advice.

I know what you may be thinking: “Doesn’t a couple’s planner do that?” My answer: yes, there are many wonderful planners that assist with timeline creation! The only issue here though? Many couples don’t hire wedding planners, and if they DO hire a wedding planner, chances are good, their planner hasn’t photographed a wedding! As the photographer, it is up to you to offer guidance on the time that you will need to serve your client well on their wedding day!

If you are feeling a little panicky because this is a little new to you, take a deep breath. That’s why I’m here!

I sat down a few weeks ago and started prepping this blog post. I started writing… and writing… and writing some more and realized that I have way too much to share when it comes to the topic of timeline creation! You would literally be sitting here reading pages of content on Friday morning… so I decided to do something BRAND NEW! I’m sharing ALL of my timeline creation tips and tricks to help YOU master timeline creation in my very first FREE DOWNLOAD! Yes… this is totally free, friends!

My hope is that this guide encourages you and empowers you to make the changes that you need to serve your clients at your full capacity! Shall we begin?! Click below to get your guide!

This is just a little overview of what we will be diving into over 4+ pages of info!!

• WHY you should have a hand in timeline creation…

• How to start timeline planning with your clients…

• How I build my clients’ timelines…

• My trick for keeping your timeline easily accessible on a wedding day…

• The timeframe breakdown that I use to create each of my timelines…

… and more!

The timeline guide is 100% FREE! To get your hands on your copy right now, click here!

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