Grace | An Old Town Alexandria High School Senior Session

GUYS I could BURST with excitement… I am just SO excited to share today’s post with you!!! But first… a little bit of background: I started my business when I myself was a senior in high school! I photographed my friends for their yearbook ads and soon transitioned into photographing full senior sessions. I was HOOKED! When I went off to college, I started photographing more college seniors and fewer high school seniors. After college, I started photographing more weddings and couples and fewer college or high school seniors. Fast forward quite a few years, and I realized that I really missed working with high school seniors…. which led to something I have never done before: I gave away a FULL senior session. I was SO excited about the contest, and Grace was our lucky winner!

I asked every senior that entered to share something that they were MOST looking forward to when it came to their senior year. Grace’s entry made me smile and brought back so many sweet memories for me from my own senior year… I was SO excited to know that I could have a chance to play a part in this exciting season. She wrote:

“All of the senior rituals and spending time with my friends!!! We do things like morning breakfast tailgates, pep rallies, spirit weeks, homecoming, prom, senior prank, and senior skip day!! and of course I can’t wait for GRADUATION :)”

With graduation just under 100 days away for Grace, we met in Old Town Alexandria for her session. I have to say, I panicked a little bit when I first arrived… I noticed that everyone in town was dressed in green, and there were a few bagpipers playing for some small crowds. I’m not kidding, y’all! I did a quick Google search, and realized that the Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day parade had happened earlier that day! (TWO weeks early… what in the world?!) Fortunately, Grace and her mom didn’t skip a beat. One of the best things about Old Town is that there are SO many beautiful quiet streets! We quickly made our way away from the crowds and had the best time (and felt like we had the place all to ourselves!).

I absolutely love Grace’s energy. She is so incredibly sweet, and I can just tell that she is destined to do amazing things. She loves fashion (wait until you see this girl’s fun style!), soccer & taking workout classes with her mom! Grace is currently a senior at Lake Braddock High School and will be graduating in June. I am so excited to see where life takes her! I just loved having a chance to meet both Grace and her mom and am just dying to share some sneaks from her session with you! Who’s ready?!

One more note: I’m so excited to let you know that I will be taking on a select number of senior sessions this spring and will be opening up my calendar this summer and fall for the class of 2020! If you are interested in learning more about the #CaitKramerSenior experience or would like to book your very own session, send me a note (

Those lashes though! Grace… you have the most amazing smile! WERK IT GIRL. Mother and daughter or sisters?! I just love these two!One of my favorites! Grace, goodness girl… you are GORGEOUS! I LOVE how versatile Old Town is! We went from cute and quaint streets to beach-y vibes in about 5 minutes! About the picture on the right: I looked at Grace and then the tree and go: “You’re going to think I’m crazy… but” and Grace instantly starts backing up into the tree and says: “Oh don’t worry, I do this all the time too.” MY KIND OF GIRL 🙌🏼

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