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Happy Friday, friends! I’m currently en route to Charleston, SC for a weekend of celebrating one of my sweet friend’s upcoming marriage!! I can’t wait for a weekend of fun in a place that I love so much! But before then, I have something really fun to share with you!!

If you haven’t heard, the brand new Cait Kramer Photography Senior Experience launched just ONE WEEK AGO!! (To celebrate I’m giving away one FULL senior experience to a lucky Class of 2019 senior!! If you haven’t entered yet and want to learn more, get on it by clicking here!). I am so excited to re-introduce seniors into the Cait Kramer brand because, after all, I did get my start in photography by working with my classmates when I was in high school!!

Today’s blog post is a ton of fun!! I know that professional portrait sessions can often feel a little intimidating, and one of the biggest things that can cause nerves or apprehension is picking what to wear!! I remember feeling overwhelmed by this process quite a few years ago when I was a senior myself, and I just want to let you know that picking outfits shouldn’t be stressful— it should actually be a lot of fun!! I wanted to take some time today to answer some of the most common questions that I am asked during the planning stage of a session! From why style matters to tips and tricks for hair and nails, we’re diving into it ALL today. Let’s get started!!

Why is styling my outfits so important?

It is really important to take the time to thoughtfully style and accessorize your outfits for your senior session. Trust me… your senior year will fly by, and when you make the investment to celebrate this milestone with a senior portrait experience, you want to look and feel your absolute best in front of the camera. Taking time to style and accessorize your senior portrait looks will ensure that you are so much happier with your image gallery.

I always say that confidence is key when it comes to rocking a natural and glowing smile in front of the camera! One great way to feel more confident in front of the camera is by intentionally selecting outfits that you feel amazing in!! We all know how it feels to be uncomfortable or not totally confident while wearing a certain article of clothing, so I always recommend that you leave these items at home for your senior session. I want you to feel like a total rockstar in the outfits that you select.

I encourage my seniors to bring along three to four different looks for their session! This ensures that you will have more variety in your final gallery. You’ll get to work through your outfits throughout your entire session and will have SO much fun feeling like a total model, showing off each look.

So… what should I wear?

Great question!! Before we get this section going, I want to let you know that you should always wear something that feels true to you. I will offer tips and tricks for style throughout your entire senior experience, but when it comes down to it, the most important thing is that you are feeling like the most confident YOU in front of the camera!

My camera loves layers, pieces with fun flow, and longer hemlines. Feel free to have fun with color, texture and layering various items to truly let your personality shine through your wardrobe selection. Don’t be shy about adding a statement necklace or maybe throwing on a fun hat for a few photos. These little additions go a long way in adding variety to your session!

If you are going for a dress or skirt, I do recommend a longer hemline to ensure you are feeling comfortable and confident with all of the movement we will be doing in front of the camera! I want to encourage you to wear pieces that flatter your body and that you truly feel comfortable in.

Some super fun combinations that I love to help get you started:
– I love a sundress with a jean jacket or vest.
– A styled blouse with a pair of jeans, statement necklace and some fun shoes is always perfect.
– A fun and flow-y maxi dress or skirt is the perfect way to add great movement and variety in your session.
– A chunky knit sweater layered over styled jeans is a wonderful way to stay warm during a chillier senior session!
– A styled tank top with a cute shaw or kimono style wrap over a pair of tailored shorts is a fun way to keep cool while adding variety to your gallery during a warmer session.

Should I do anything with my hair or makeup?

Please do! I often encourage my senior clients to also hire a hair and makeup professional to help style them before their session. This will allow you to arrive to your session feeling like an absolute QUEEN (instead of feeling stressed and flustered after trying to glue on false eyelashes by yourself!). Makeup artists know how to do your makeup just right to be on camera, and it really does make a huge difference! We all know how confident we feel walking out of the hair salon with a fresh blow out. A bit of help from a hair stylist before your session can go a long way in helping you to feel your best in front of the camera. I have a list of recommended DMV area HMU mavens that I am always sure to send my senior clients before their session!

Also, this may sound random, but while we’re on a note of hair, makeup and beauty, don’t forget about your nails! I want to encourage you to arrive to your session with clean or manicured nails. While your hands won’t be front and center during your entire session, they will be in the frame, and there is nothing more distracting than chipped or dirty nails. I usually recommend opting for a neutral tone or clean, unpolished nails. You WILL be able to see chipped black nail polish on camera 😉

If you are opting to do your hair and makeup yourself, here are a few tips to help get you started!
– Practice your entire hair and makeup look before your session and time how long it takes you to do it! Factor this in when you are prepping for your session.
– If you are going for eye liner, line the top lid of your eye, not the bottom. This will help keep your sparkling eyes looking wide open during your session!
– False eye lashes are always a great way to add a special pop to your session! Most drug stores sell lashes that are perfect for your senior session.
– Don’t forget your lips! A fun pop of color, a neutral lip stain or some gloss is a wonderful way to tie your entire look together.
– Don’t be afraid to wear a little more makeup than you do on a regular basis! The camera will occasionally wash you out and a little extra makeup helps to add that pop back in.

I’m still stuck on what to wear! What do I do?!

Girl, I got you! I know picking outfits can feel a little intimidating, but don’t over think it!! You know what you feel best wearing. If you are still feeling stuck with what to wear for your senior session, please know that each of my seniors will receive a full style guide prior to their session! I’ve packed it through with details to help you best prepare for your session when it comes to style, wardrobe and hair and makeup! Also, know that I am here to help! If your session is on the horizon and you’re feeling a little stuck, I’m always happy to bounce around ideas and suggestions with you until we find the perfect selection of wardrobe options! Lastly, I’ve been working on a super fun Pinterest Board to help give you some inspiration, if you are more of a visual person! Access my Senior Style board HERE!

You got this!! Above all, remember that feeling like YOU in the clothes that you select is the most important thing. I know you are absolutely going to ROCK your session style!

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