Five Creative Gifts for your Bridesmaids | Wedding Planning

I’ve been so excited to share this wedding planning post with y’all! I have seen so many incredible ideas for bridesmaids gifts online, and after working with so many creative brides, I wanted to share a few of their ideas with you (just in case you were looking for a boost of inspiration!!).

I think I should start this blog post by saying that gifts on a wedding day should always be considered an optional investment. Yes, it is super sweet to honor the people closest to you with something special on your day, but in the end, if you find yourself looking for a way to save a few dollars in your wedding day budget, I do think your best friends and family members will understand if you opt to put the money that you would have spent on them into another part of your day or the future that you are building with your spouse.

However, if you would like to treat your wedding party or family members to a little something sweet on your big day, I’m sharing a few ideas with you! Today, we’re going over wedding day gifts for your gals! I’m so excited about today’s post because my sweet couples have had SO many amazing ideas for wedding day gifts for bridesmaids! Today, I’m sharing a few ideas that they’ve had (plus a few more!) with you! Shall we get started?!

creative bridesmaids gift | black and pink monogrammed onesies

Matching Morning-Of Attire or Pajamas

This is one of the sweetest things that I have seen done so many different ways! You can get SO creative with morning-of attire! I’ve seen monogrammed robes, matching floral robes, monogrammed button-down shirts (And PFG’s!!), matching pajamas, and one of my favorites for a winter wedding: monogrammed onesies! This is a really sweet way to highlight your girls and to give them something fun to wear the morning of!

Pro tip here: if you are going for matching attire, make sure it is easy to take off over an up-do or styled hair to make changing into wedding day attire a breeze!

creative bridesmaids gift | navy and white nautical inspired monogrammed tote bags

Tote Bag to Keep Your Girls Organized

This is a great way to honor your girls, especially if you have multiple locations involved in your wedding day! We all know how you tend to pick up a few random things on a wedding day (Wallets, a change of shoes for the reception, hair spray, bobby pins, tissues, touch-up makeup, programs, phones, photo booth photos… I could go on and on!), and when you are traveling between multiple locations, sometimes it is hard to keep track of it all! I think it is so sweet when bridesmaids are given small tote bags to keep them organized all day long! I love the monogrammed bags pictured above! (Such an easy way to make sure that everyone is grabbing the right bag in a rush!)

creative bridesmaids gift | hair and makeup

Hair and Makeup

If you are having professional hair and makeup done for your day, this is probably one of the most appreciated gifts that you could give your girls! Yes, I know all wedding days are different, but if you will be having hair and makeup, it is really kind to pay for those having their hair and makeup done! When I was a bridesmaid back in April, the bride paid for our hair and makeup, and I really appreciated it! It was fun to feel good all day long, but it was even sweeter knowing that my friend wanted to make sure that we were all well taken care of too!

Jewelry for the Day

During the same wedding I mentioned above, I was gifted earrings for the day, and I thought this was the sweetest idea! The bride wanted everyone to wear the same thing, and she chose to gift them to us! I know I will always think about her and her wedding day when I wear them, and the earrings are gorgeous too! It saved her bridesmaids a few dollars and the stress of having to track down a specific piece of jewelry! She paired them with a sweet handwritten note that made us all feel so loved and cared for. Talk about one sweet bride!

creative bridesmaids gift | gold custom champagne flutes with straw

Champagne Glasses and a Bubbly Bar

I’ve seen lots of bridesmaids be gifted monogrammed and custom glasses & mugs on wedding days, and I think it is one of the sweetest ideas! We all know that cups and glasses tend to get mixed up in large groups, and one of the easiest ways to limit confusion is by making sure everyone knows which glass is theirs! I’ve seen endless adorable options on Etsy in literally every shape, color, size, and font! I highly recommend this sweet gift for the girls in your life! These are great for water and juice and can also be paired with a bubbly bar, making for a fun and relaxing start to the day!

*If you don’t drink or don’t want to drink before your ceremony, I’ve also seen some super cute and custom double insulated water tumblers that are perfect to keep everyone hydrated the morning of!

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