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Y’all… I can’t even believe it!!! We are just over TWO WEEKS away from the CKP Branding Experience launch date, and I’m over here hustling like crazy! I can’t wait to share what it is I’ve been working on with you! To help get you excited & to answer some of your burning questions, I’m sharing answers to a few FAQ’s.

I can’t wait to share MORE about these sessions with you! So… short intro today. We’re getting started right away with answers to the questions I’ve been getting asked most often!

What are branding sessions and why are they important?

In today’s era of digital sharing, having content to share is so valuable. Even more than that though, there is so much value in having beautiful personal content to share your own story. Believe it or not, people want to get to know YOU… they want to see your face on your social media… they want to know what you are up to… what you like, dislike & are inspired by… and while that may seem CRAZY, I’ve seen the benefits in my own business! On average, my personal blog and Instagram posts get far more interaction than my other posts!

What’s even sweeter than that though, and more valuable in my opinion, is that I’ve been able to create deeper connections with my followers and clients. Just a little example: I’ve met some of my dearest industry and client friends through Instagram after sharing about my love for plants & obsession with pups! What once started as Instagram connections have become some of my most treasured friendships and connections! If you ask me, social media (especially as a small business owner) can be a bit draining… why not use it to create some super meaningful friendships?! Additionally, instead of showing up to a session as strangers, my clients already know about a few of my different quirks and favorite things. Usually, by the time we’ve met, I’ve had a chance to get to know them through their own social media! We have something to chat about right away & they feel more like they are meeting a friend and less like they are meeting a crazy lady with a camera. From the time we say hello, we are all more comfortable which makes their session so much easier and SO much more fun!

Now… how does a branding session fit into all of this?! Well… in order to share about yourself, you need beautiful content of yourself! Yes, I know it can be scary to share your face on your feed and is even scarier to step in front of the camera, but it is so important! During a branding session with me, we’ll work to create beautiful images of you and the things you love most! Branding sessions are a time for us to create the content that will allow you to share about all things YOU! From snapping a few photos to update your “About Me” page on your website to diving deep into your content calendar for the upcoming quarter to grabbing that must-have flat lay of your favorite things for your newsletter, we’ll do a little bit of everything during your session!

With that being said though, please note: these specific branding sessions are geared more toward sharing the heart behind a business and are less about product photography.

Who are these for?

  • If you are interested in deepening your personal connection with your current and future online friends, a custom branding session could be just what you need! More specifically, branding sessions are perfect for small business owners, creatives, dreamers, bloggers, online influencers, fitness professionals & anyone interested in sharing more of their story online! If you are wondering if a branding session is right for you, feel free to send me a note!

What do the packages look like?

I’ve been dreaming up TWO different packages for you to choose from. I’ve intentionally designed two different experiences to fit a variety of needs and budgets. The first is a social media mini session & the second is a more in-depth branding and mentoring experience! Both include brand discovery questionnaires/homework assignments and session tips, tricks & planning. I’ll be waiting until launch day to share the specifics of each package, but here’s a little summary to give you a preview!

Social Media Mini:

We’ll plan and meet for a fun session to create content to help you shine on social and the web! These shorter sessions are perfect for those that are already pros at knowing what they want to share on social media or for those that need just a few photos to share their story! This would also be a great option for businesses or influencers that need content on a monthly or quarterly basis!

In-Depth Branding and Mentoring Experience

I can’t wait to see how this experience changes your business! With TWO half-day branding sessions and a 60-minute in-person mentoring meeting, this experience is designed to help both you and your business grow with intention! Before we begin planning your sessions, we’ll sit down for a 60-minute mentoring session to hash out your personal marketing strategy, to answer your questions, or to dive deep into whatever you need! After your mentoring session, we’ll begin planning your first session & after you’ve gotten to use and enjoy your first round of images, we’ll begin planning your second session! My hope with this experience is that you’ll learn how to identify your own personal brand voice while creating and being able to share consistent and unique content over our 9-12 months of working together! I always want you to have something to share when you need it!

Why mentoring?

Having beautiful content of yourself is great, but what’s even more valuable is digging deep to create content that will truly benefit both you and your business. With a longer and more in-depth experience, my hope is that we’ll be able to create content that will truly serve you, your business, and your goals. Having personal content is so valuable, but what’s even more valuable is knowing how to use it and having the foresight to know what you need to create with a photographer. I have decided to include mentoring in my in-depth experience to help those that are pros dig a little deeper and to help those that may be new to personal marketing identify their voice and strategy. These mentoring experiences are customized to meet your needs and are not a one-size-fits-all program.

What will we do during the sessions?

During both the shorter social mini and both sessions during your in-depth branding experience, we’ll play some tunes, dance and giggle as we work to photograph you in your element! We’ve worked hard to plan your sessions, now it is time for you to relax while I take care of the rest! We’ll work through a shot list that we’ve created together, but we’ll also photograph a few relaxed and fun images as well. If there are any items or props you would like photographed, we’ll work to incorporate these with a creative, lifestyle approach throughout your session while peppering in a few styled flat-lays if you have the need!

What can I do with my photos?

With your branding session, you’ve got full permission to share your images digitally, wherever you wish. From Instagram to Facebook… your website, blog post, feel free to share both you AND your story with the world! You are also more than welcome to print your images for personal use (let’s say to gift to a family member!) and for your own smaller personal business collateral (like business cards, printed guides for your clients, and other smaller items)! If you are planning any other large-scale printing projects or will be having your images printed or shared for use by another company, please keep me in the loop. There may be a fee associated with this type of use.

Will this change anything about the wedding side of your business?

  • Nope! These sessions will primarily occur during the week so I can work with sweet couples on the weekends!

What will launch day look like?

  • I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but I CAN’T WAIT FOR THESE TO GO LIVE! The branding session page will be going LIVE for you to scroll through earlier in the morning, and from there, you can expect an Instagram Live to answer some of your questions and to CELEBRATE! I may or may not be sharing a super exciting announcement (*Cough a giveaway cough*) during said Live, so you are definitely going to want to tune in!! (Follow me on Instagram here!)

I’m in!!! How can I get involved?!

  • Branding sessions will officially be launching on February 14, 2020!!! Mark your calendar! If you want access to alllll the goodness a day early, sign-up here! I’ll be sharing branding details with my branding and education email list on February 13!

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