Lauren and John | A Cherry Blossom and Georgetown Engagement Session in Washington, DC

To say I’ve been excited to share Lauren and John’s engagement session for a while now would be an understatement! These two are the kinds of people that just make you feel at ease. They balance each other out, care for each other so well, and are just so much fun to be around!

I got to meet with these two at two of my favorite locations! They have called DC home for the better part of a decade, and just after our session, they moved to North Carolina to be a little closer to family. They wanted to include a few iconic locations to help commemorate the place where they met, their engagement, and the time they got to spend together in DC.

Lauren and John met in college at American University. They knew of each other for some time and even ran in the same social circle, but they didn’t really chat until John had returned home from a study abroad trip. They both joined mutual friends for dinner at Chipotle when they started chatting. They ended up talking through the entire dinner and a few days later, John group texted the friend group (sans Lauren) asking: “Is Lauren Wiggins single?” (A very subtle hint that he was interested!)

Their proposal was just as sweet and thoughtful! Lauren’s parents sold her childhood home in March of 2020… The weekend that Lauren was set to go say goodbye to the home was the weekend that everything changed because of the pandemic, so she was not able to. Later in the year, Lauren was home to visit her parents for a few weeks. One night, her dad asked if she would want to go take a picture in front of the old house. When she arrived, John was already there on the front lawn. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! How sweet to have such a special memory at the home where she grew up!

During my onboarding process, I ask my couples a lot of questions, one being: what do you love most about your significant other? I get an array of answers, but these two had responses that were extra sweet. John says that in many ways, Lauren is his opposite, but that he couldn’t be more grateful for this. Her intelligence, southern charm, and sweet, silly nature when they are together are some of his favorite things. They balance each other out… she is his rock and best friend. Lauren loves John’s warm heart and kindness. He can make any stranger his best friend, and she loves his caring and respectful nature, patience, and gentleness.

We had an amazing time exploring not one, but TWO iconic spots in DC to celebrate these two! Wanna take a peek?!

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