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 Shot while second shooting for Nikki Schell Photography |  www.nikkischellphotography.com Shot while second shooting for Nikki Schell Photography |  www.nikkischellphotography.com

Who else is doing a little Friday happy dance?! You guys…we’ve almost made it to the weekend which means…I finally have some great time set aside for edits, prep and catchup!! Ohhh the irony. BUT, I think this truly proves that I have found what I LOVE to do because I can’t wait!  

I’ve been having such a great time working through quite a few great questions from you this past week. First…THANK YOU! Your comments & questions really do make my day! A huge theme of what I’ve been asked as of recently involves GEAR! More specifically…what I use, when or if you should invest, and product comparison (What in the world do I buy?!) . We’re going to dive into all this & more today! Today’s blog post is broken up into two different components, so hang with me, friends!

Before we get started with chatting about gear…this is me telling you that I am in no way an expert on anything technology. In fact…I’m pretty sure all technology is out to get me. SO…take my advice with a grain of salt! Second…my gear currently serves me and my clients well. I know my kit will continue to change and evolve through the years, so know that this is simply my CURRENT 2017 year-end bag list. Third…I want you to rid yourself of the conviction that you need the biggest and the best gear right this very moment. Use the information in this post to educate yourself on what is available and what I love, but know that you don’t need to invest in anything right this very moment. Ok moving forward!!

I have been diving into prep for 2018 and am getting so excited for what is already shaping up to be a pretty big year. I’ve had my gear checklist sitting in the back of my Day Designer for about 9 months now and have really wanted to put it down on some digital paper for printing, marking up, note taking & checking off items for each and every wedding! After putting my lists together and importing them into my computer, I realized that this would be a great way for us to connect on the subject of gear while giving you a resource that you can use for your very own sessions and events!

So today, for the very first time, I decided to make my wedding packing list open for you to download, keep, mark up & most importantly, make your own! I have been hesitant to share because I often feel that sharing what is in my may put pressure on other photographers to make big investments just because. That’s not what today is about, and this list should be used as an educational tool, not a shopping list.

Now, you may have noticed that I also included a little something extra for you after my gear list! In your download, you will receive a copy of my gear list AND a blank copy of my gear list. I want to encourage you to print a blank copy, just for you. Input your current gear and use it as your very own packing guide!

Now…you must also be thinking I am a CRAZY person because yes, there are two columns of boxes to check off for each item! Why, you ask? I do two to three rounds of bag checks for each wedding I shoot! When I pack my bags for Saturday (on Thursday night), I’ll check off the first column to ensure everything is accounted for, charged, cleaned, and ready to go. The second column is for the night before to ensure that everything has stayed in my bags and is still ready to go for the weekend. The final check happens just before I walk out the door!

Now…we’re getting to the really fun part and the second component of today’s post. GUYS, I had SO much fun going live with you last week, that we’re doing it again this week! I’ll be going live again tonight at 5PM (EST)! This week, I wanted to chat with you about some of my favorite pieces in my bag, when I invested in them, and most importantly, what I currently use them for. From lenses to strobes, memory card holders that changed my life & even water bottles, we are chatting through as much on the list above as we possibly can! Brides, clients & friends, this one will be geared more towards photographers, but if you want to hear more about what I use and why, you are more than welcome to join in the conversation!

Just a few highlights to give you a taste of what we’ll be chatting about! 

  • My very favorite camera body, why I love it & the one thing I wish I could change!
  • The lens that’s on my camera for about 80% of all my sessions & weddings….and the best part? It won’t break the bank!
  • When I use certain lenses and accessories & why I love them!
  • The memory card holder that has changed the way I shoot & organize my images.
  • There’s nothing worse than working for 8 hours straight with two left to go, only to realize that you are unable to eat dinner! Learn more about why dinner is on my checklist!

Ahh guys! This is just a sampling of what we will be diving into tonight! Is anyone else as pumped as I am?! Get ready for some fun, some organization, and some great learning as we work through this list from top to bottom, together! In the meantime, here is your to-do list to get you set up and ready to go!

  1. Download my packing list
  2. Make sure you’re following along on Instagram
  3. Set an alarm for 4:59PM! I’ll see you on Insta-live at 5PM (EST)!

See you in a few hours, friend! And, if you can’t tune in, don’t worry! The replay will be listed below as soon as I have access.

Me and all of my camera children! Tune in below for this week’s IG Live! 

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