What I’m using to Stay on Track in 2018: Part 1| Friday Chatter

Friends! Does anyone else feel like January is absolutely flying by?! I looked down at my calendar and realized that February is already next week…um what??? Are you sure?! I’m diving into something fun on today’s Friday Chatter! So much fun that this post is actually going to be part one of two! I want to introduce you to all of my favorite tools that I am using to get set up and on track for a successful 2018. 

If you know me well, you know that I absolutely love goal setting, I love planners and pens, and the office supplies section of Target is actually my happy place. I love being organized, but even more than that, I love tools and resources to help me get organized! (Yes, I know that sounds totally backwards, but please give me all the pretty things!) I spent some time at the end of last year diving into what might help me manage the exciting and crazy year I have ahead. I looked at the resources that I had, what worked and what did not, and came up with three tools that have slowly started changing my life for the better! What are they, you ask? I could give you about a million reasons for each!Let’s dive right on in, friends!

  1. Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets
    • I use my PowerSheets to track my goals, to stay on track, and to dive into the items that matter most to me! I have so loved using this tool to get to know myself, to brainstorm goals, and to challenge myself to spend my time intentionally. These things are POWERFUL, y’all!
  2. My trusty Day Designer
    • My Day Designer is pretty much my third arm…I don’t know how I would live without it! I use it to manage all of my daily tasks, meetings, calendar items, checklists, longterm goals, you name it! I often joke that my Day Designer is rarely out of arm’s reach, and I’m so not lying when I say that! During my workday, it pretty much sits open, at my side, all day long!
  3. Honeybook: The Client Management Software that will save you a million hours a week!  
    • I hopped on the Honeybook train in November, and oh boy let me tell you…I am so happy that I did! It will change your life! For all of my creative friends and business owners, you need this client management tool in your life. From sending invoices, emails, surveys and branded proposals (and literally SO much more), this system does it all and makes it SO easy! P.S. Get 50% off by clicking here! 

Be sure to tune in next week for a look into some of my 2018 goals and for more details on how I am planning on using each of these tools to keep current on my progress!

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