We’re Going Live! | Friday Chatter

Happy Friday, friends! Y’all know how much I love Friday’s, and today, I’m even MORE excited than usual! That’s because…..

Friday Chatter is going to look just a little different this week, and I’m so beyond excited about it! Things have been crazy since I’ve been back in town, and I have idea after idea buzzing around in my head. Deciding on just ONE idea to dive into on the blog just felt so very under and overwhelming all at the same time! It’s always my priority to provide you with fun, unique & authentic content, and when most of my free hours are spent editing, I just wasn’t sure if that would be possible this week!

So… I decided to try something new! Friday Chatter is going to look a little different this week. This is your official invitation join me TONIGHT at 5PM (EST) for a live Friday Chatter Happy Half-Hour over on Instagram!

I’ll be introducing myself, chatting life and answering any questions you may have! If you miss it, no worries! The replay will be going up on the blog later today for you to enjoy (right on this post!). I would totally be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. This will be my first time going live, and y’all…I can be crazy awkward, so we’ll see how this goes! Whether it’s a train wreck or so much fun, be sure to join me & all of my awkwardness!

Make sure you’re following along on Instagram so you don’t miss it:

 See you all in a few hours!! 

Updated: Join me for 33 minutes of rambling, losing my train of thought & endless chatter! It may not be perfect, but hey…first time going live is officially checked off my list! Thanks for tuning in! And for an update on what I ended up eating for dinner…I ended up going with paleo PANCAKES! 

  1. Manali says:

    Hey Caity!! I just listened to this entire thing and I love that you covered so many topics and hearing you talk about it as opposed to reading it in blog form was actually super nice, it was like a mini podcast! Keep it up, I can’t wait to hear you dive into more topics!

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