The Welcoming District | A Creative Entrepreneur Branding Session in Old Town Alexandria

EEP! I’ve been keeping a tight hold on this session since the end of May as this girl hustles hard on so many exciting things! I am SO excited to share an exclusive peek into Alicia’s branding session in Old Town because well… I’ve been SO excited to share her incredible business with you guys!

Leading up to the morning of Alicia’s session, I started to get a little worried… you see, there was a HUGE chance for rain. Alicia had hair and makeup appointments on the calendar, and we were scheduled to meet at sunrise. In the DMV, a chance for rain could mean total torrential downpours OR a gorgeous sunny morning. You really never know what you are going to get! After going back and forth a few times, we decided to go for it! When I was driving to her session, it started to POUR. Not just a little bit of rain… like A TON OF RAIN. My heart was breaking, and I was panicking a little bit… but sure enough, the nasty weather cleared for JUST long enough for us to grab some gorgeous branding shots for Alicia! Thank goodness— we had SO much fun!

Alicia is the owner of The Welcoming District, and y’all, to say that she is one incredible boss lady would be an understatement! I originally met her through my local Rising Tide Society chapter (She’s our fearless leader!!), and right away, I was struck by her determination, creativity, and ability to create really beautiful things. I have been watching her business grow and thrive for the last couple of years, and it was such an honor to have her in front of my camera!

Through The Welcoming District, Alicia designs and creates fabulous and thoughtful artisanal gifts, gorgeous custom crests and illustrations, and soon, will be opening an online shop on September 18th! She is an incredibly talented watercolor artist and creates gorgeous watercolor crests and maps too. For my wedding planning friends: these gorgeous illustrations are the perfect way to add some fun personality into your wedding day details! There are SO many incredible ways to use a crest or a map in your day… from welcome gifts to invites & even in your reception decor! Just a heads up: Alicia IS accepting new clients! If you are interested, I highly recommend sending her an email to get started! I can only imagine how fast these will book out once her shop launches!

Her products and services are, not only gorgeous and thoughtful, but they also tell a STORY! It is just fascinating to see the incredible pieces that she dreams up and to hear the heart behind them too. I have been absolutely captivated by her gorgeous work for years now, and I cannot wait for you to get to know her too!

Like I mentioned, The Welcoming District’s shop is launching on September 18!!! You won’t want to miss a second of this exciting reveal… I highly recommend following along ASAP! Find The Welcoming District on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and online!

“The Welcoming District believes in making others feel welcomed, loved, and included through thoughtful gifts, handwritten sentiments, and elegant details.” How sweet are these little mini emergency kits?! Perfect for a bachelorette party or wedding day bridesmaids gift! AHH I just LOVE these custom welcome flags!!! Gorgeous! Can you believe…?! Alicia made this apron herself!! I’m so obsessed with custom crest featuring Tranquility Farm! I LOVE seeing clients put their images to good use! Also… can we talk about how GORGEOUS Alicia’s site is?! Be sure to visit for SOOO much more goodness (and to get in touch with Alicia!)

I’m not quite ready to spill the beans just yet, but I may or may not be working on some EXCITING personal branding pakages… stay tuned, friends! More to come!

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