Sophie is ONE!! | Friday Chatter

Our little turkey turned ONE YEAR YOUNG yesterday!! If you know me (or have been following along on my Instagram Story…), you know that I am beyond extra when it comes to dogs, especially our sweet girl Soph! Sophie is our precious black lab. She is 67 pounds of energy, smiles (seriously…girlfriend never stops smiling), and snuggles. She lives in Texas, and by the way I talk about her, people often think that she lives with me in DC. (I can only dream!!) I have spent all week rolling around on the floor with her, and I can’t believe that I have to say see you later to her in just a few hours.

I am so thankful for this sweet baby, this year especially. It has been a pretty tough year for our family, and she has never failed to bring a smile to our faces. She has had one heck of a year…from learning that she really DOES like to swim & go for walks, to evacuating our house during Harvey, to puppy school, to (finally) growing out of her infamous piranha stage, to belly rubs, &  spending weeks and weeks with her sweet friend, Breeze, just to name a few highlights! It is such a comfort to know that such a sweet little girl is keeping my parents company while their human kids are so far away.

So, as we celebrate her first baby, I wanted to officially introduce her on the blog! Her favorites, not-so-favorites & puppy photos are all below!!

Some of Sophie’s Favorites:

Her best friend Breeze
Her stuffed Baby
Sleeping on the sofa
Puppy School
Chewing literally everything
If it squeaks, you can bet it will be ripped open in about .5 seconds flat
Treats, cookies & bone-ys
New friends
Smiling from ear to ear
Wrestling with her friends
Chin scratches & belly rubs
Racing around her backyard at home
Sniffing literally every tree on her walks
Playing Ball-ey
Riding in the car
When all of her kids are home
Chewing on pumpkin stalks
Barking at the trash man
Eating grass
Licking water off of the shower
Chasing deer on the trails behind our house

Stretching out like Superdog on the rug when she is beyond tired

Sophie’s not-so-favorite things (We seriously had such a hard time coming up with this list! It seems like she literally loves everything…)

The DustBuster
Loud noises
Post-Harvey Storm Drains
Walking on the street
Welcome mats or rugs by the back door

My mom has done such an amazing job chronicling her first year of life through Snapchat, so well that I have about a million and one photos to share with you today! I have been taking screenshot after screenshot on Snapchat and only wish that I could share some of the videos we have!! So without further ado…the part I know you are most excited about: Sophie’s First Year Phone (and computer) Dump!

This post is crazy long! If you haven’t figured out by now, it is also serving as a little phone and hard drive backup! (and as a place for us to look back on her first year of life for years and years to come!!) Happy Birthday, Sophie!!

If you’ve made it through this entire post, you deserve to get yourself a cookie! 

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