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 Shot while second shooting for Meg Lucks | Shot while second shooting for Meg Lucks |

HEY-OOO welcome to the post with the world’s longest title! This wedding season, I have been given the incredible opportunity to assist and second shoot on over 10 weddings with some amazing photographers! Not only have I had an amazing time learning and diving more into the wedding industry while telling the love stories of some super sweet couples, but I have also learned SO much about how I plan to run this little business of mine now and in the future.

Full transparency: I rebranded my packages back in May to focus on customizing your booking and wedding coverage. {And heads up…things will be changing ever so slightly at the beginning of November–if you want to take advantage of my current rates, send me a note today!} I used to include a second shooter as an add-on to my wedding packages, but after second shooting a little bit, I decided to include a second shooter, complementary to my couples, in every single wedding package.

There are quite a few reasons that I have opted to add a second shooter to each of my wedding packages, and each one boils down to serving you to the best of my ability. First, what is a second shooter and why are they included in ALL of my wedding packages? I’m so glad you asked–let’s dive right in!

I look as a second shooter as a bonus professional that is fully capable of capturing your day from start to finish on their own. They have professional grade gear, experience in the wedding industry and love LOVE as much as I do! I truly enjoy working as a TEAM to tell the story of your wedding day. I have a small group of trusted and talented photographers that I work with who share similar style and values with me. I always make sure that you know who will be helping out on your day and can almost guarantee you that you will love them as much as I do! A second shooter is far more than an assistant. They capture the small details, the big moments, and every thing in between. But most of all, they are a valued and trusted member of the CKP team that is there for you, every step of your wedding day, just as much as I am!

So, what are the top five reasons I have opted to include a complementary second shooter as part of each of my wedding packages?

Your photographers are able to be in two places at once. 

  • As much as I wish Time-Turners were a thing, your girl is unfortunately a muggle that can only be in a one place at one time. By having two photographers ready to go, we are able to spread the love over your ENTIRE day. For example, if one photographer is taking photos of the details in your reception space that you have so lovingly prepared, the other can be up in cocktail hour, documenting candids and group photos of your beloved guests! Win-win and no time travel necessary!

We can spread more love to the guys! 

  • Bouncing off the above point…99.9% of the time, I will be with the girls as they get ready, regardless of if I have a second shooter or not. That means, if guys are getting ready at one location, and the gals are at another, I am only able to work with one group, and someone may miss out on candid getting ready photos. When I have a second shooter, they get to hang out with the guys as they get ready! I personally feel that it is so important to have equal coverage of both the bride and groom getting ready and am so thankful that a second shooter makes this happen!

My team will be able to capture the same moment from two different angles.

  • One of my ultimate favorite moments of any wedding ever? Watching the groom’s face as his sweet bride makes her way down the aisle! Another extremely important moment of any wedding ever? That moment when the bride is walking down an aisle! HOW do you capture these two very important moments that happen simultaneously? The answer’s simple–TWO photographers! A second shooter is SO vital to providing a complete view of your wedding day. The walk down the aisle isn’t the only time this happens throughout the course of a wedding day. As we shoot portraits, my second shooter is able to pop on a lens with a different focal length. Shooting bridal details? They can grab a few pieces and work with them to speed up the process so we can get you into your dress and to your first look on time!

I personally believe the team approach is the best approach. 

  • This point is *dangerously* close to #1 but is just different enough that it needed its own line. I cannot tell you that how amazing it is to know that, at any and all points throughout the day, there is another professional photographer there that can run the show if need be! From organizing formals to snapping getting ready candids as I work with bridal details to shooting the guys and gals simultaneously, working as a TEAM with my second shooter on a wedding day is ultimate #goals and seriously makes the day run a million times smoother. Now, working as a team with a second shooter is also great for another reason! In case of an emergency, I personally believe that there always needs to be someone that is able to fill my shoes if need be. This may be an EXTREME thought, and I promise that it has never happened before, but, when you’re dealing with moments as special as your wedding day, you’ve got to be prepared! Say I somehow fall ill or become injured throughout your wedding day, to the point that I can no longer photograph…someone has to capture those moments, right? A second shooter serves as an amazing way to ensure I have the backup I need, just in case the unimaginable happens!

You will have a more comprehensive and complete gallery. {Who doesn’t want more photos from their wedding day?!}

  • With two different angles and the ability to be in two places at once, it’s no surprise that you may just have more photos in your final gallery! While I don’t guarantee a specific increase in number of photos you receive when a second shooter is involved, I can guarantee that your gallery will tell a more comprehensive story of your wedding day. This point alone was enough for me to commit to having a second shooter on each one my new packages! To have the opportunity to tell the story of an extremely special day in your journey is an honor that I don’t take lightly. By having another set of eyes and hands along with me to help capture your wedding day ensures that we are able to capture the complete story of the event you’ve been dreaming about for years!

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