Sarah and Caleb | A Fall Engagement Session at Jones Point Park in Alexandria, VA

This is the week!!! What week, you ask? The week that I get ALLLLL caught up on blogging the sweet sessions that I’ve had over the last couple of weeks! The last six weeks or so have been crazy in the best possible way, and to stay on top of all the things, wedding blog timelines, and gallery deliveries, I put blogging on the back burner. (OOPS!) So… over the next two weeks, this space will be filled with sweet couples, fall sessions & so much fun! First up: Sarah and Caleb!

Sarah is one of my sweet friends from our local chapter of Tuesdays together. She is a master of all things systems and can build a spreadsheet to organize nearly anything! I highly recommend giving her gorgeous website a scroll! (Click here for all her organizational goodness!) A few months ago, she sent me an email letting me know that not only was she ENGAGED, but she was also looking for a wedding photographer!!! I squealed real, did a happy dance around my office for both her and her brand new fiance, and quick collected myself to type out a reply. Fast forward a few weeks from there, and I was meeting with her and Caleb for their ENGAGEMENT SESSION! I was so excited to meet the guy that was making her so happy! Instantly, I could tell that what these two have is super special.

Sarah and Caleb met through their church, and though neither of them actually remember meeting each other, they’ve always been connected through the young adult ministry that they were both involved in! They have been good friends for nearly four years, and after dating for about three months, both of them knew that they were the others’ forever! Caleb asked Sarah to be his wife as these two spent the day together to celebrate Caleb’s birthday! Sarah had worked hard to plan a day full of Caleb’s favorite things… think a morning hike, lunch with two of his closest friends, movies, homemade cinnamon rolls and dinner! They were going to take a walk at Jones Point Park (Sound familiar?! This was also where they met for their second date!!), but it was raining! They decided to stay in to watch another movie instead. After the movie, Sarah went back into the kitchen to finish making their cinnamon rolls and they got to chatting. I’ll let her tell the story from there in her own words because she can tell it better than I’ll ever be able to!

“He told me he loved me and then there was a huge thunder clap that literally made me jump! After that, he said, “I’ll love you through storm and rain. I’ll love you forever…” He got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and finished “…if you’ll have me.” And of course, I said yes.”

So sweet! I met these two for their engagement session in Jones Point Park, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed more during an engagement session! We had SO much fun! These two were absolutely made for each other and share an incredibly sweet bond. We had so much fun touring and twirling our way through this gorgeous spot! Jones Point Park was brand new to me before their session, so it was SO great to have two pros to guide the way through! I can’t wait for you to get a sneak peek into their sweet engagement session!

I love how giddy these two are around each other! Cuties! Who knew overpasses could be so beautiful?! I love how joyful these two are when they are around each other! We finished their engagement session on top of the overpass! These two walked nearly two miles for this shot!! (Talk about dedication!!)

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