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Happy Friday, my friends! I spent all week wondering what day it was, and now, I’m throwing up my praise hands because WE MADE IT! I’m going into my first off weekend since the beginning of June, and I can’t wait to see some of my friends! Today’s Friday Chatter is a post for my photog friends! Is anyone else feeling like we are having an extremely rainy wedding season?!

Fun fact: rain has been forecasted for 100% of CKP’s weddings this year, and before each, I pretty much panic as I check the weather! I’m learning that rain isn’t a big deal at all!! Sure, it is a bit of a bummer, but panic from vendors and members of the wedding party only makes things worse! I’ve learned a lot this season, as I’ve tackled quite a few rainy day situations! There really isn’t anything to be afraid of!!

Today, I’m diving into SIX things I’ve learned so far this season that have helped me cope with crazy rainy wedding days!

Keep Your Couple Calm

Panicking about the weather will NOT change the weather! I am slowly learning this, and am trying my best to remember it on wedding days! As a hired vendor, you are responsible for keeping your couple calm. Even if you are panicking below the surface, it is so, so, so important that you are remaining levelheaded and calm on the surface. Keep smiling, keep looking for the best options to serve your couple, and whatever you do, don’t panic!

On the same note, it is so important to keep your couple’s expectations realistic. DO tell them how it is and what your plan will be but do so in a calm and composed way! If it is pouring down rain, their day WILL look different (especially if the were planning for an outdoor ceremony!). Whatever you do, do not lie to them or create false expectations!

Befriend the venue coordinator

This is key! It is so important to make friends with the person that knows your venue space best! Not only does it make the day a lot more fun, but they also know the best covered areas and the shortcuts to get to them! This past weekend, our coordinator brought us to a porch where we did 100% of our portraits! I literally gasped when she opened the doors and I saw the space! Our day would have looked a lot different, had we not taken the time to get to know her before the day started! Remember: you are all there to make the day amazing for your couple! * Even on a day that isn’t rainy, this is a great tip to follow 🙂 *

This goes without saying, but arriving 30-45 minutes early will REALLY help in this department! That way, you have the time to chat, take a quick tour (if they have the time!!), and explore on your own if necessary.

Overhangs and porches will save the day

I mentioned this above, but overhangs and porches are a huge savior on a rainy wedding day! Search for a space with a neutral colored reflections and plenty of diffused light! All you need is ONE good spot for all of your portraits… seriously!! Keep an eye out for artificial overhead lighting that you are unable to turn off, heavy shadows, funky or distracting things in the background and dark colored walls and floors! You’ll want to avoid these things as much as possible!

If an overhang or porch isn’t an option, search for a space indoors with plenty of natural light and a background that isn’t distracting.

Bring umbrellas with you to every wedding

I keep this pack of 10 (in the bubble model!) in my trunk at all times! People often make fun of me for having THIS many umbrellas on hand at one time, but it is such a reassurance to know that you have something available, should you need them! I prefer clear umbrellas because they don’t add a crazy colorcast to your subject and add minimal shadows because light is able to filter through! They also look super cute on camera!

Stay flexible in your timeline

Before the wedding day even begins, you should build a significant amount of padding into your timeline! I do this for EVERY wedding, whether there is rain in the forecast or not! (because we all know how FAST time on a wedding day can go!) Having a bit of padding in your timeline makes the biggest difference, especially when it is raining outside. Leave a little extra wiggle room in your timeline will allow you to take the time you need to get everything done! Remind your couple throughout the day that there IS a chance that you will need to sneak them away for portraits if the sky clears up! (and that they will be SO thankful that they took this time!!)

This is just a little reminder to make sure that your couple has a rain plan for their ceremony that they are happy with BEFORE their wedding day! There is nothing more stressful than  a bride “hoping for the best” and having to create a rain plan while in hair and makeup! Encourage your couple to get this done BEFORE the day to avoid crazy stress.

Bring a change of clothes and rain boots

Even if you think you won’t need them, bring the change of clothes, my friend! I have had to change my dress halfway through a rainy wedding day because it got soaked through. I also can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a pair of rain boots when the ground is wet! (Wet flats are NOT fun… trust me!) Your gear bag might be a little heavier than usual, but you will be SO thankful to have some dry clothes with you, should you need them!

Bonus: The rainy day app that I can’t live without: Dark Sky

If you don’t have this app in your life, you need it on your phone right now! It shows minute by minute forecast details and has made the BIGGEST difference on rainy wedding days! We can predict when the clouds may clear for a moment, and I can let my couple know when we will be sneaking outside for a few portraits!

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