Maya and Alex | A Sunrise Cherry Blossom Engagement Session at the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.

Y’all… I’ve had this session burning a hole in my hard drive for just over a WEEK now, and I am SO excited that I get to share it with you today. Maya and Alex are ENGAGED, and their session was nothing short of a dream.

I actually know Maya from the gym where I used to work! We would frequently get to hang out together at the barre which was SO much fun. We ended up reconnecting a few months ago through mutual friends, and when she emailed me at the end of last year to let me know she was ENGAGED and counting down the seconds until the cherry blossoms were in bloom, you better bet I did the happiest dance for her and her man around my apartment!

DC friends… you may remember the massive snowstorm that shut DC down back in 2016? Well… that’s precisely what brought Maya and Alex together! They both found themselves at a bar in their neighborhood during the storm. After talking all throughout the night, they went on their first date a few days later! Fast forward a few years, and Alex proposed to Maya at the bar where they first met. When they got back to their apartment, Alex surprised Maya with so many of their friends and family that flew into town for the occasion (So sweet!).

I always love to ask my engagement clients what they love most about their partner, and more often than not, it makes me a When asked what she loves most about Alex, Maya said: “Alex is extremely loving. He’s also really disciplined and works really hard. He pushes me to be my best self when I really need to be pushed.” When asked what HE loves most about Maya, Alex said: “Maya is the perfect partner. She is fun, loving, completely trustworthy and good at all the things that I am not. She makes every aspect of my life better.” Clearly, these two are perfect for each other, and it was such a JOY to document this season of their lives together! Are you ready to see some of my FAVORITE images from our time together?! There were almost too many to pick from!

A quick little note: I’m not going to lie… leading up to cherry blossom sessions this year was way more stressful than usual. I lost a lot of sleep, wondering if these sessions would be able to happen… would be safe if they were to happen… how would the be received by my online friends considering everything that is going on… and on and on. Know that being a small business owner is tough in a normal season of life, but feels near impossible these days. I’m so thankful for my incredible couples and online community that have been and continue to be so supportive, understanding, and flexible. Now… all that said, we made the decision to proceed as smart as we could, kept a distance from each other (It feels so weird not to hug clients hello at the start of a session!!!) and others, used lots of hand san, are practicing social distancing in our persona lives, and followed all local and federal guidelines. I know the Cherry Blossoms are a bit of a hot topic right now, but I’m so, so grateful that these sessions were able to happen and hope that these images encourage you to enjoy the beauty of these blossoms from the comfort of your own home! 

Love these two! I don’t know if I’ll ever get over photographing sweet people against these blooms! That early morning light though!!! The pink magnolia blossoms are gorgeous this year too!

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