Liz and Tyler | An Old City, Philadelphia Engagement Session

As a photographer, I often find myself wishing that I could control the weather! This specific morning, I found myself wishing I could crank up the heat for these two, even by a few degrees. If I am remembering correctly, the thermometer was reading 12 degrees, the real feel was -2, and the wind was on turbo-speed! It was beyond FREEZING! We had hand warmers and kept things moving which really helped, but PHEW, it was so cold guys. Luckily, Liz, Tyler & their adorable pup Finn handled it like champs!

I met Liz in college, and when she reached out to see if I was available for her wedding, I actually freaked out a little. What an honor! We taught fitness together, and she taught me how to be a barre instructor! (Side note about Liz: she also runs this an incredible nutrition and healthy living brand and blog that has pretty much become my favorite place on the Internet! Find her online here and follow her on Instagram here!)

We started on the Ben Franklin Bridge, headed to Race Street Pier and finished at Elfreth’s Alley! Ahh it was SUCH a treat and such a classic Philly engagement session! Liz & Tyler call Old City Philadelphia home where they live with their beyond adorable bernedoodle, Finn (He is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle…guys keep scrolling to see how cute he is!). They met in high school and started dating when Tyler was a senior and Liz, a junior. They’re the kind of people that radiate positivity and are just so incredibly down to earth. I so enjoyed my time with them and am counting down the days until their wedding!

  1. Liz Elberfeld says:

    I love this so much! You are the sweetest human on earth! XO

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