Liz & Luis | A D.C. Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

These two? Oh these two are just plain fun. I went to college with Liz’s sister, and I am so incredibly thankful that she introduced us. I met Liz and Luis over cups of coffee back in the fall, and I just new the second I met them that we would get along so well! These two are the kind of couple that just look at each other and absolutely light up. Their relationship is so genuine, and fun, and authentic, and sweet that you can’t help but share in their joy, just by being around them.

He loves her great personality and she couldn’t imagine life without him. Luis proposed to Liz on Roosevelt Island, with a stunning view of DC in the background, after grabbing brunch in D.C. Y’all these two know how to do DC right! We met at sunrise and prayed the cherry blossoms were still intact after the giant freeze, and oh I was in for a treat! Not only were the blossoms beautiful, but these two were absolutely amazing in front of the camera! It’s safe to say that I learned a lot during their session, but I’m already wishing that the blooms would stick around just a little longer. I would take the crazy crowds for these pretty blossoms any day!

Liz & Luis are planning an amazing wedding for this October, and I am so excited to capture this special day in their love story.

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