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We made it guys!! FRIDAY! I’m not going to lie, I had NO idea what to write about this week. (Real life: Blogging writer’s block is a REAL thing, and I’m giving myself a bit of grace this week.) Busy season has been in full swing, and the idea of writing an educational post felt like A LOT. SO, I’m staying true to my promise from last week to stay on top of taking and sharing personal photos, and that is just what I’m doing today!

A few weeks ago, my family came to visit me in DC, and we had SO much fun. I didn’t take as many photos with my big camera as I would have liked, but I did try to snap a few photos here an there on my phone! I wanted to share a mini recap with you today… the photos aren’t drop dead gorgeous, but their trip was SO much fun that I know I will remember it for a long time. I’m sharing where we went, what we ate and the best of the cell photos that we took! Let’s get started!!



I should probably give a little back story to the last time my parents and my brother visited…. my parents visited about two years ago to help me move into my current apartment. It was a hot, fast paced and pretty stressful trip with multiple drives to Target and my old apartment. I had no idea where anything was in the city, how to parallel park or even how to get my AC window unit working. The last time my brother visited was mid wedding season last year… I had a blog post to curate before work the next day and was STRESSED beyond belief. This trip though? I was able to take (almost) a full day to spend with them, and it was amazing!!

We kicked things off on Sunday night with a trip to FlyBarre! I’ve been teaching fitness for just over 4 years now (Two of which were at FlyBarre!), and this was the very first time my parents and brother got to take class with me. It was such an honor to have them in class… even though I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of their complaints about their sore seats. They kicked some serious butt! 💪🏻

After class, we went right to Trader Joe’s and shopped for the world’s largest feast… steak, potatoes, veggies, wine. The meal didn’t disappoint (and neither did the sunset, view or company!).

A few weeks before my family arrived, I had them send me their list of all of the things they wanted to do in DC! My brother really wanted to see the Holocaust Museum and the Air and Space Museum. We started their second day in the city by getting our exhibit tickets at the Holocaust Museum (they are free and take you to the building’s main exhibit) and then ate lunch over on the Tidal Basin while we waited for our ticket time. This museum was powerful, powerful stuff, y’all. After that, we sprinted through a random DC Summer Afternoon monsoon to the Air and Space Museum where my brother and dad got to try a flight simulator!

We also visited ALLLL of the monuments and memorials that we possibly could! Uber may or may not have been necessary to get from one side of the Mall to the other.

I have been dying to take my mom to the Botanic Gardens since I realized that it was a thing, and wow they certainly did not disappoint! We realized that the gardens would be closing about half an hour before they did, and we quick sprinted across the Mall and arrived at the doors nearly breathless. Luckily, we had about 20 minutes to spare and got to look around at alllll of the green goodness. I highly recommend a visit to the Botanic Gar!dens, but DO be sure to give yourself more than 20 minutes to get through. It was beautiful and is hands down my new favorite spot in the city. I definitely inherited my mom’s love for plants, so exploring this place with her was so special.

Refueling after walking close to 8 miles in a day was necessary. We were all pretty hangry by the time our server came by. We went to Fishers Farmers Bakers for dinner, and it was SUCH a treat! My family has some super fun food allergies, and they were so accommodating! 10/10 recommend for my friends that have a little bit of restaurant anxiety caused by crazy food allergies (🙋🏼). We finished the evening out with a quick stroll around Georgetown and drinks at the hotel where they were staying!

We set out with a CRAZY over ambitious plan, but we did everything and more! Just in case you were in need, here is the tourist trek that we tackled in one afternoon:

  • Picnic lunch overlooking the Jefferson
  • Tour of the Holocaust Museum
  • Walk on the Mall and pictures with the Capitol
  • Air and Space Museum
  • Quick sprint through the Botanic Gardens with my Mom
  • Uber Ride to Lincoln
  • Dinner at Fishers Farmers Bakers in Georgetown
  • Walk around Georgetown
  • Drinks back at the hotel
  • Sleep for 10 million hours

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