Kimberly and Kennieth | One Year Anniversary Session in Old Town, Alexandria

Guys…I think I have to preface this post by saying that these two currently live in FLORIDA. They just recently visited DC, and chose to celebrate their first anniversary with an anniversary session! We had SO much fun…BUT y’all…I’m not exaggerating when I say it was FREEZING! We met the very first morning of 2018, and I think the real feel was about 8 degrees. Still, these two snuggled and giggled their way through their session, from start to finish. We walked from one end of town to the other to keep warm and sprinted inside Starbucks, as soon as we wrapped things up!

Kennieth and Kimberly just recently celebrated one year of MARRIAGE! I always love to ask my couples a little bit about their love story, and these two certainly have one for the books! This sweet story is from Kimberly, and it just makes my heart so happy:

Kennieth and I met in high school through the people we were dating. He was good friends with my boyfriend, and I was good friends with his girlfriend….The relationships didn’t work out, but Kennieth and I stayed friends for 6 years after, meeting up once or twice a year at Starbucks to catch up on life. I used to always tell my mom I wished I could find a guy like Kennieth. I was in London and Kennieth was at military training, then I flew off to Argentina. When I returned is when the sparks started. We spent a good few months really praying about things. After all, we didn’t want to ruin a friendship. A year later, we were engaged and two years later we were married and now it is our 1st wedding anniversary!

Can you say meant to be?! Kimberly and Kennieth are one of the sweetest couples, and I was so honored to begin my 2018 with them! You can truly tell that they complete each other, from the way they hold each other to the way they talk about how excited they are to spend forever together! They were in town for the holidays and am just so incredibly thankful that they were willing to brave the cold for some fun photos to commemorate this sweet season of their lives! Join me in wishing these two a very Happy Anniversary and then tune in below for some of my favorite frames from our time together!

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