Kait and Dan | A Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

Can I just say how hard it is to shoot an engagement session with your jaw on the ground?! Y’all…I got to visit Longwood Gardens for the very first time with Kait & Dan, and it sure didn’t disappoint! I was in jaw dropping awe the ENTIRE TIME! I didn’t realize how much I missed the color GREEN, until we were surrounded with it!! Longwood is literally every plant lover’s dream come true, with a little bit of unicorn dust and sparkles sprinkled on top, just to make things a little sweeter! Add it to your must visit list, if you are in the Pennsylvania area!

The second I met these two, I could tell that I was going to love them. They’re Penn Staters, plant lovers & puppy parents…so naturally, they are actually my new favorite people.¬†Kait and Dan met on their very first day of summer session in 100 Thomas and became fast friends. A short year and a half later, they started dating! For my friends that are not Penn Staters, 100 Thomas is a GIANT 700+ person auditorium style classroom–only fate could’ve brought them together in that massive room! Their wedding is in January of 2019, and we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a day that was as WARM as the day we shot their engagement photos…believe it or not, it was close to 60 degrees!!

We met at Longwood Gardens, on the very first weekend of their Orchid Extravaganza! We had so much fun touring each room in the conservatory while admiring the gorgeous plants and dodging plenty of visitors that were doing the same thing we were–trust me when I say we had quite a few photo bombers! (I am so thankful for Kait and Dan’s patience!) Enjoy a few of my favorite frames from our time together and join me in counting down the days until their gorgeous winter wedding in Wilmington, Delaware!

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