Jenny and Allen | A Washington DC National Mall Graduation Session

These two were absolutely UNREAL! Can I just tell you…Jenny and Allen were in town all the way from LAS VEGAS for Jenny’s graduation from GWU with a degree in Master’s of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner. So, to say that I was nervous to live up to their excitement is an understatement for sure! We met on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise and had the best time hopping between various locations on the National Mall! We got to shoot with some of the prettiest golden light I’ve seen in a long time, and boy oh boy was that good for the soul. Between the built in reflectors and soft boxes of the monuments and the soft sunlight, my photographer’s heart just about died and went to heaven!

These two are an absolute power couple for sure! Jenny pursued a masters degree online while working in the Pediatric ER and Allen works in ophthalmology. You can absolutely tell that they are each other’s support system; each the other’s personal cheerleader. Their love is so incredibly pure and sweet and so amazing to see in real life! They knew just how to make each other laugh and were such a JOY to work with!

I asked Jenny about her time in school and what she hoped to do with her degree, and while I could summarize it, I think her words are so much more beautiful than I would ever be able to do justice:

“I love working with kids. Although, at times it can be challenging and tugs at my heart strings, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I get to meet people and children on their worst days (when they have to come to the ER) and have the opportunity to make that interaction count. It makes me happy that what I do matters. I decided to go back to school for my Master’s of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner because I wanted more autonomy in caring for my patients. I wanted to have a voice in the decision making and their plan of care. ”

Um wow…her answer just about took my breath away! How amazing it is to know that there are such amazing, passionate, and caring souls in the world of emergency medical care! Now…enjoy a little bit of their beauty!

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