A Quick Friday Update | Introducing Friday Chatter

Greetings, friends and HAPPY FRIDAY! Today’s post is going to be short and sweet! Remember FAQ Friday? It’s back today, and with an all new name! I’m excited to introduce you to Friday Chatter! 

I absolutely love to use the blog to connect with you on a deeper level and to provide you with fun tidbits, tips & tricks and a look into my life that don’t quite belong in an email or on social media.

More recently, I have loved having a reason to brainstorm content, to dig deeper into my business and to intentionally connect with you each and every Friday! It turns out that I loved it so much, that I soon realized that I was often connecting with you on topics that weren’t even questions! Sure, I answered a few questions here and there, but for the most part, I ultimately realized that I wanted to use Fridays to connect with you on so many different topics. Lumping them into a FAQ series didn’t really make much sense to me in the longterm!

So…I made a change. (That’s one of the best parts about being a business owner…you get to call the shots!) I changed the name of my Friday series to Friday Chatter! Yes, I will still be answering your questions–quite often, actually! But, the all new name gives me more flexibility to chat with you about tips & topics that I know will enrich your wedding experience, your business and your life.

So, from here on out, you can expect to see a #FridayChatter post on the blog each week! Today? I need your help! What do you want to hear about next? Let me know what you want to read up on next week by casting your vote below!

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