Four Tips For Choosing your Engagement Session Outfits: Part One | Friday Chatter

Happy Friday, friends! I am SOO excited about today’s blog post! Today is part ONE of a two part series on selecting outfits for your engagement session. I am diving into four quick tips to help my ladies pick their outfits. Tune in next week for my tips for the men!

We’re keeping today pretty simple! Ladies, if you’ve been struggling with what to wear to your engagement session, keep on reading! From colors to confidence and a little bit of everything in between… we are diving into lots of goodness today!

Pick your colors! 

Coordinate; don’t match. You’ve probably seen this phrase everywhere as you research what to wear for your engagement session! What does this even mean? When choosing your outfits, it is so important that you choose your outfits as a TEAM! Select a simple color palette and opt for pieces that work together within! I typically recommend that my brides pick their outfits first and then intertwine their grooms outfit into theirs. Your outfits should complement each other. In other words, the white t-shirt with khaki pants look is out and fun, colorful outfits that are true to you as a couple are totally IN!

Many of my couples enjoy printing their photos for display at their reception and also enjoy displaying their engagement session photos in their homes! Definitely take these two things into consideration when selecting your engagement session color palette.

Say Yes to the Dress! 

You may not have said yes to THE dress yet, but saying yes to A dress for your engagement session is always a great idea! In my experience, I’ve found that long, flow-y dresses flatter the female body best when it comes to being photographed. I always recommend opting for a dress or a longer skirt for your engagement session because the added movement of the fabric is so lovely! It is impossible to dress up too much for your engagement session!

Bonus tip: simple is best when it comes to pattern & color! Stray away from tiny repeating patterns like pinstripes and polkadots and bright neon colors. Not only are they distracting, but they don’t often photograph the best.

Layers and accessories can make a simple outfit pop!

Please have FUN with what you are wearing to your engagement session. After all, you are only doing this once! Add a cute coat during chilly months and a statement necklace or fun earrings during the summer! Now is the time to buy that pair of Bauble Bar earrings that you’ve been eyeing or to get the fabulous pair of shoes that you’ve been dreaming about for ages. Accessories are a great way to mix up your outfit and to add the perfect pop of YOU to your engagement photos.

Quick tip: when it comes to shoes, opt for something with a little lift! I’ve found that nude heels with a toe are amazing for elongating your leg line!

Confidence is Key–keep your outfit true to YOU! 

In the end, your engagement session is so much MORE about you as a couple than it is about your outfits. Your confidence and your love will shine through when you are feeling your best. I always recommend trying on your outfit from head to toe, well in advance of your session. Wear it around your house, check yourself out in the mirror a few times and try both sitting and standing in your outfit. You may feel a little silly in the moment, but when you are out in front of the camera and feel like a million bucks, you will thank yourself for taking the extra time!

Just between us as friends: If there is a part of your body that you may feel a little self conscious about, please take this into account when selecting your engagement session outfits. Your confidence will shine through when you feel GOOD in the clothes that you are in.

Bonus: Don’t forget your nails & your ring! 

I always tell my brides to opt for a pre session manicure and ring cleaning! Treat yo’self girlfriend! Your hands will be on display 🙂

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