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Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kitt–oh wait you mean you didn’t come here to listen to me sing?! That’s odd…KIDDING! Happy FAQ Friday, friends! I have recently discovered a few products that I fell so incredibly head over heels in love with that I just had to share them with your today! From wedding days, to a day at the office, to a session with a sweet couple, you can expect to find me with at least 2 out of the 3 items on this list on my person! Today I’m diving into my favorite dress to wear, my favorite bag to carry, and my favorite way to keep track of all of my memory cards!

What I can’t wait to add to the list? My favorite wedding day shoe–seriously…does anyone have a favorite supportive and non-orthopedic looking shoe that you’re in LOOOOOVE with?! Help a sista out! 

 {Special note: this post is in no way sponsored by the below companies. These are all products that I genuinely LOVE and work well for me!}

The Daybrek Dress from J. Crew Factory


 A special thank you to Rachel of for capturing that sweet image of me working on the left!  A special thank you to Rachel of for capturing that sweet image of me working on the left!

Y’all…I think I may just have a slight addiction. Yes, you’re totally seeing that right…I have the same exact dress in more than one color because I literally love it so much! {Not pictured here is my Daybreak in hot pink…and the dress in my cart that is French Blue…} Most people are usually pretty surprised to discover that I’m TALL–like six foot tall, tall! It has been pretty much impossible to find a dress that is long enough to keep my lanky legs looking tasteful…can be dressed up or down…is machine washable…is flexible enough for the acrobatics that often come along with a wedding day while keeping my booty covered, and, if I’m really asking for a lot, has pockets! I stumbled upon the Daybreak on a J. Crew Factory 50% off clearance sale, and guys, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it was everything I needed {and probably a little more}! It hits just above my knee when I am standing straight, is stretchy enough to tolerate my craziness, has a high neckline, and IT HAS POCKETS!  The best part? They’re typically on clearance, and J. Crew factory has been running lots of 50% off clearance sales, so you can usually get a pretty great discount on ’em!

Missy Mint Bag from J Totes


This bag is just the bees knees, y’all! I have been searching for a new bag to keep all my gear with me on wedding days and during shoots, and this one is just perfect! I had a sling bag that I absolutely loved, but I soon outgrew it and wanted something a bit bigger for long wedding days–I’ve got to have somewhere to keep my snacks, right? It’s cute and discreet {can we please just talk about the mint color?!}, it’s big enough to carry a few lenses, strobes, camera body, and my 15 inch MacBook if I need to. Best of all? It was pretty affordable as far as camera bats go! {Praise be for that!} It has a cross body strap that is great to sling over your shoulder and has the look and feel of a big purse which is great for flying under the radar when in transit with equipment. If you’re looking for a cute bag to take with you on shoots, this one is currently my jam!

Pixel Pocket Rocket CF Card Holder


I’m sitting here trying to figure out what the heck I did before I started using this card holder. I know it sounds silly, but I seriously don’t know how I functioned before and after a wedding day without organizing my cards with this little guy. This simple little pouch has individual slots for 10 CF cards and is small enough to tuck away in a pocket or purse. I keep it clipped and tucked away in the front pocket of my camera bag, so I always know it’s safe, tethered, and ready to go when I need a new card throughout the day! {You can see its little strap in a few of the photos above!} When I start a wedding day or a session, all of my cards are face up, formatted, and ready to go. As I shoot and fill cards throughout the day, the cards get flipped backward and upside down. I put cards back in order throughout the day so sorting and uploading is an absolute breeze. {A special thanks to Abby Grace Photography for teaching this technique in one of her courses! It has so helped me keep my sanity!} If you’re looking for a way to keep get your cards organized, this is such a great solution!

So there ya have it…three of my current favorite products, and plenty more where these came from! Expect to see another one of these posts sometime soon! In the meantime, do you have any products that you LOVE?! Share ’em with me in a comment below.

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