Why do I receive a complementary engagement session with my wedding package? | FAQ Friday

Welcome to the very first {official} FAQ Friday post! Today, we’re going to be chatting about WHY I have chosen gift each of my wedding clients a complementary engagement session!

I have had a few potential clients inquire about eliminating their engagement session from their wedding package, in exchange for discounted services. Unfortunately, each time, my answer will be no, and for a good reason! While you are more than welcome to opt out of your complementary engagement session, I am not able to reduce package prices if you do. I highly recommend scheduling an engagement session because if you’re like me, not only do you love getting things for free but you also love maximizing your investments and experiences from start to finish.

Over time, I have learned just how beneficial engagement sessions are to building my ideal relationship with clients, and so, I have decided to include a complementary engagement session with each of my wedding packages. I am really and truly not making any money from your engagement session. {Think of it as my little wedding gift!} This is the reason I am not able to reduce wedding package prices when asked about skipping engagement sessions during the booking process.

Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated days of your life, and as your wedding photographer, I want to be more than just someone that follows you around, snapping photos of the events that unfold. I want to know your timeline backwards and forwards. I want to hear your proposal story and all about the very first time you met your love. I want to be a resource during your planning process, and I want to know the name of your sweet family members that I’ll meet during formals. I want to gush over the stationary suite that you put so much thought into and celebrate alongside you on the dance floor at the end of the night {with my super embarrassing dance moves}. Most of all, I want you to trust me to capture one of the sweetest days of your life, that you have been dreaming about for the longest time. I believe that part of building a strong foundation of trust is spending time together, and your engagement session is the perfect environment to do just that!

When you think about it, you will probably do a trial with the majority of your wedding vendors. I’m sure you will taste cake before deciding on the best flavor combination, you will sample dinner dishes, you’ll meet with your hair and makeup team to perfect your day-of look, and you’ll try on your wedding dress countless times! Now, why would you forgo an opportunity to meet and greet with your photographer, who will be by your side for about 90% of the day and will be capturing the memories that you will someday pull out to show your grandkids? This time is the perfect opportunity ask me questions. To gush about your perfect proposal {I really do want to hear every detail!}. To get some of your jitters out about snuggling in front of the lens {It can feel a little awkward at first!}. To bounce around ideas and plans while easing some of your stress about wedding day logistics. And as a bonus? It is a great time to snap the perfect photo for your save the dates, guest book, or reception album!

Being completely transparent, I want you to know that the benefits of engagement sessions are not just one sided. They’re actually a super import part of my workflow and wedding prep! During our time together, I’ll start to understand how to best pose you. I’ll get to know who you are as people, before the stress of your wedding day takes over, and I will understand what it takes to get that super sweet and relaxed giggle out of you! We can chat insecurities {I know we all have them!} and your favorite side to be on. We will laugh and twirl, and I’ll probably chat your ear off, but all this builds into one thing: By allowing me to get to know you as a couple BEFORE your wedding day, I will feel more confident in my ability to serve you well. By understanding your posing needs, I will be able to work in a much more efficient manner on your wedding day. I’ll understand your insecurities and your desires, and the poses that make you look your best. So much of the guess work will be taken out on my end, and we will breeze our way right through portrait time on your big day!

I understand that being in front of the camera can be super awkward and isn’t for everyone. However, there is nothing worse than feeling out of sorts on your wedding day. Think of your engagement session as the warmup to your wedding portrait time….it is my goal that you will leave your engagement session, excited to snuggle with your love, rather than sick to your stomach, thinking about being in front of the camera. We will have fun, we will be a little goofy, and I will try to make the experience as painless as possible!

In the end, you are only in this beautiful season of engaged life for a short while! Enjoy it, enjoy each other, and have a little bit of fun in front of the camera!

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