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Hi friends! I have slowly been creeping my way back into reality and have still been trying my hardest to comprehend all that happened in Ethiopia {all while getting caught up on emails, life, loving on our sweet pup, and celebrating my 23rd birthday!}. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I’ve really been struggling to find the words to process everything that happened in Ethiopia. I promise, I really wanted to keep you updated through the blog, with stories and tidbits from our trip, but wow guys…turns out, words are really hard. Like really hard.

Our trip was nothing short of amazing, eye opening, and life changing. I was both stretched and loved beyond belief, all while leaving Ethiopia with heart that is forever changed. My sweet friend, Kim of Kimi-G Photography, wrote a post about how she was feeling last week, and I so resonate with it. Each of our hearts were changed so much so quickly, and I am so thankful to have such amazing friends that are so great with putting their thoughts into beautiful pieces, when my words are failing me!

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a crazy perfectionist. I trust my images to tell a story far more than my words, and when the story means so much to me, I tend to clam up and let my anxiety tell me that I have nothing to share because the words aren’t perfect yet. I’m so excited to share this incredible journey with you, but I want to wait, not until the words are perfect, but until the words are just right…until I’m ready to be a little more vulnerable…until I’m able to find the exact story that needs to be shared with you. This is super unfamiliar territory for me, but I am excited and hopeful.

So, because I’ve been itching to give you a little peek into the goodness that was Ethiopia, today, I’m giving you a taste of something that is a little more familiar to me–portraits! While we were together, I was lucky enough to shoot a few portraits of my teammates. I could probably fill up a million and one pages with how much each of these sweet souls mean to me, but I’ll keep it simple! They each changed my life and my heart in ways I will never be able to comprehend, and I am so incredible thankful for their friendship.

Keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks! But for now, make sure you “Like” The Archibald Project and Selamta Family Project on Facebook {or follow along with both of their adventures on Instagram here & here}!

Enjoy a little peek into our trip, and don’t forget to give this amazing and talented crew some Insta-love!

Alli | Grace | Kim | Nick | Robyn | Shannon | Shelby | Whitney

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