23 Things I Wish I Knew This Time Last Year | Celebrating 24!!

Hi friends! Today is an exciting day because… it’s my birthday!! Now, I love celebrating others’ birthdays, but I’m a little weird about celebrating my own. I have no idea why—maybe it’s because I don’t really love being the center of attention… maybe its because I’m away from my family… maybe it’s because I’m just weird… but, I’m trying to become a little better about letting myself CELEBRATE, so I wanted to share something fun & just slightly birthday related with you today! I see this little blog as both a place to share business thoughts and happenings as well as a place to share my personal thoughts too. I love looking back on certain posts to see how much I’ve changed. To see how much I’ve grown. It’s crazy and humbling and sometimes a little silly to see where growth happens over time, and I truly believe that it is so important to write your own personal history book. It’s something I don’t do often enough.

This past year of life was a pretty crazy one for me, I’m not going to lie. I learned a lot and grew a lot and was forced out of my comfort zone pretty much daily. I also learned a lot of silly things along the way too! To celebrate my 24th birthday, I’m sharing 23 things I wish I could have told myself on my 23rd birthday! Some are silly; some are serious. All are lessons I’ve learned in the last year. I hope you enjoy! (And… if you have any advice for me as I head into my 24th year of life, drop ‘em in a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!!)

  1. Venti Strawberry Açaí  Refresher, light on ice and without the fruit…. just memorize this order now. It’ll get you through many, many sleepy mornings. And will get you through many more sleepy mornings to come, I’m sure
  2. DC is best enjoyed early in the morning… from monuments to the cherry blossoms, to the city streets, there is something so peaceful about enjoying the beauty the city has to offer before traffic picks up and the tourists adventure out.
  3. Your home may flood and you’ll spend the first Christmas away from your childhood home in about 18 years. But, you’ll learn that home truly isn’t about the physical structure but the people that surround you.
  4. Hire the right accountant… please just do it.
  5. Contrary to your stubborn belief, you aren’t immune to burnout. Pace yourself. Work harder than you ever have before, but pace yourself & remember to do the things that bring you joy.
  6. Say yes to opportunities that will fill you with joy and don’t be shy about saying no to opportunities that won’t.
  7. Your body hates liquor and mixed drinks… just stick to wine.
  8. Learn as much as you can this year. Get behind the camera as much as you can this year. Meet as many creatives as you can this year. Your community is about to grow like crazy, and it will be the biggest, best and most inspiring gift.
  9. Amazon Prime will be your best and worst investment. 2 day free shipping is a blessing and a curse.
  10. Essential oils… yeah. Just use ’em. A little bit of peppermint on your neck will do wonders to wake you up in mid-afternoon traffic or before teaching an evening class.
  11. Just suck it up and buy a stand for the microwave that’s been in your trunk for the last couple of months. I promise, the limited kitchen space will be well worth the warm food!
  12. Sophie is going to grow so much quicker than you will be able to believe! Take as many photos as possible & always screenshot the snap chats. She’ll still be adorable when she’s  a big dog too.
  13. Your paper planner and to-do list will help you keep your sanity. Write everything down, even if you think you’ll remember.
  14. Take a day off of email once a week, no exceptions.
  15. Invest in a comfy desk chair to work in at home… your back will thank you! Also on that note? Get off the couch and work from your desk. Your productivity will improve so much!
  16. Age is just a number. Don’t let it hold you back from chasing your wild and crazy dreams.
  17. Sundays are for meal prep. No excuses.
  18. People are going to come and go in your life. Be selective about those that you keep closest to you. Hold the people that value your time, treat you with respect, make you smile, and never make you feel less than, as tight as you can. Let the others go without any hard feelings.
  19. It’s never a good idea to call your mom, screaming that you got hit by a bus before clarifying that you’re actually okay and just you car’s side mirror was hit.
  20. Back all of your photos up in a million and one places. Yes, even your personal photos.
  21. It’s okay to cry when you’re sad, laugh when you’re happy, be quiet when you’re in a funk, and celebrate when you’re excited. You’re only human and you’ve got to let yourself experience your emotions every now and then. Bottling them up only makes it worse.
  22. The best way to clear a foggy mind is a quick walk outside & some eye drops.
  23. On the days where you don’t feel like all you want is to give up, show up. Cultivate gratitude & grace. Do as much as you can & leave the rest for later. Giving yourself some time to reset is just as important as knocking items off a to do list.

BONUS #24 You will have to make some really big and really intimidating decisions this year. Prioritize your happiness, health & sanity.

CHEERS to the wild and crazy adventure called 24! Thank you so much for being here, for encouraging me & for supporting this crazy dream of mine. I truly cannot tell you how much it means to me.

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  1. Deborah Fox says:

    Cait, all I can say is you are one very smart, beautiful and inspiring 24 year old. I wish I had my act together like this when I was your age. This is going to be a remarkable year for you and if I can do anything at all to help you, I’m there!!!!

  2. Amy Kramer says:

    Caity…this is a beautiful post and Yay for you! for taking the time to give it to yourself, and us. And I agree with Deborah Fox…you are one smart, beautiful and inspiring 24 year old. Trust me, you’re way ahead of the curve! xoxo
    And p.s., I hope the tacos were great and I hope you stuck to wine!

    • Cait Kramer says:

      Squarespace has a way of hiding comments from me–I’m not sure why I am just now seeing this! Thank you so much <3 I need to see y’all soon!!

      (Also, the tacos were amazing!)

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