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 Shot while second shooting for Savannah Smith Photography Shot while second shooting for Savannah Smith Photography

We made it to FRDIAY, y’all! I’m gearing up to second shoot a wedding tomorrow, am working with a sweet family on Sunday & get to head to my favorite beach spot for one whole day of vacation! PHEW busy season is here, but I am SO excited to get out of town (even if it is just for a day!!) I’m really excited about today’s post!  It is all about your floral delivery!! Specifically, we are going to talk about why I ask that your bridal bouquet be delivered prior to my team’s arrival.

I always ask that a bride’s bouquet be delivered to her getting ready suite prior to my team’s arrival for many reasons! I thought it would be helpful to share just a few of these reasons with you today!! Before that though, I wanted to share a few quick tips for you to help maximize your floral budget!

I LOOOVE a gorgeous bridal bouquet! Seriously… traditional is great, and beautiful, but you are getting MARRIED, sista! Feel free to have some FUN with your bridal bouquet. (I have a full spread of bridal bouquet inspiration over on Pinterest!! Feel free to check it out here!) I can make the entire day look like there were beautiful florals sprinkled throughout your wedding design if the bride has a gorgeous bouquet!! (Even if you don’t have that many florals!!) I will use your bridal bouquet to add variety to detail shots, to spice up reception details when needed and also use it as a prop during bride and groom portraits! Your bouquet often acts as a focal point for me when it comes to photography, so don’t be shy about getting your dream bouquet! It is okay to invest a little less in your bridesmaids bouquets because they will not be photographed as much as yours. Now… on to the fun stuff! WHY do I recommend having your bouquet delivered prior to my arrival?!

You made an investment (in your flowers & your photography!)

Let’s be real for a second… floral design AND photography are a pretty huge investment! You have the bouquet of your DREAMS, so it is really important that it is photographed well! I start my day with your detail block and use this as a time to warm up for your day… it only makes sense that your bouquet be included in this time! While your bouquet will be photographed various times throughout the day, you’ll definitely want it photographed as much as possible! This may sound silly, but it is also really helpful for me to meet your bouquet early on!!  I’ll be able to determine which side is the front and how it photographs best before it is even officially needed by you!

You’ll also want your bouquet to be photographed when it is at its freshest. Don’t worry!! Please let your florist know that we will be dunking it in and out of water throughout the day.

They are the perfect addition to your detail photos

Your florals are something that I am sure you have been dreaming of for months! They tell a really important story of your day and they also truly tie together your entire vision. Your bouquet is a great way to add variety and to enhance your detail photos. Having your bouquet on hand for detail photos will help tie your entire wedding design together through your photography! I often use bouquets as a backdrop for your ring photos, for detail in your stationery flat lays and for pretty full bouquet & dress detail photos!

Adding your bridal bouquet to your detail shots is also a great way to elevate all of your photos throughout the day! Your entire design will be pulled together from start to finish with this simple addition!

You’ll please your florist with pretty photos

Your vendors love seeing your dream and their hard work come to life on your wedding day! While I will photograph your bouquet at various times throughout your day, I am able to truly focus on producing some great images during your detail time block. I know the inconvenience of an extra stop for your florist may seem like a lot to ask, but they will really be thrilled to see their work sprinkled throughout multiple parts of your day, not just a select few moments! Bonus? You’ll also love looking back on these pretty photos for years to come! Florals will unfortunately wilt after your day, but the photos will last forever 🙂

You’ll be ready at a moment’s notice

Time on a wedding day moves fast! Oftentimes rain and last minute timeline changes can cause us to adjust the timing of portrait blocks. Just this past weekend, I found myself taking a few bridesmaids portraits indoors while the bride was getting ready because it was raining outside and we weren’t sure if it would let up! Luckily, their bouquets were ready to go at the hotel and we were able to take some the portraits and some beautiful detail shots of their bouquets! Win, win!! When your bouquet is with you throughout the day, you will always be ready for any craziness that could ensue & won’t have to stress about not having your flowers! I’ll also want to take a few bridal portraits of just you as you get ready, and your bouquet is the perfect way to add a little bit of sparkle to these shots!

Bonus tip: Please have your man’s boutonniere delivered with your bridal bouquet! If you two are getting ready at the same location, I will take a few photos of his bout and will have my second take them over to the guys to pin on ahead of photos! This will save us a ton of time! If you are not getting ready at the same location, I ask that you request boutonnieres be delivered to where your guys are getting ready. This way, they will KNOW that they have bouts and they will be pinned in time for photographs.

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