Becky and Sam | A Glamorous Engagement Session at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

Y’all will understand just how good my session was with Becky and Sam when I say that… that photo up there? It was one of the very FIRST frames I took during their session! It usually takes my couple and I a few minutes to find our rhythm, but right from the start, the magic was there with Becky and Sam!

Y’all know how much I love connecting with fellow Penn Staters… like me, Becky and Sam are both Penn Staters… from that point alone, I knew that I would absolutely love them! What’s more is that they both played in the Blue Band while they were in school! If you have ever been to a Penn State football game, you probably know that, while the football is great, the halftime show is even better. The show the Blue Band puts on has always been one of my favorite things, so I may or may not have felt like I was meeting celebrities…

When Becky and Sam got out of their Uber at sunrise before their engagement session and greeted me with a big welcoming hug in the most GLAM attire, I knew we were going to have an amazing morning! The heart behind their location was the absolute sweetest too. You see… Becky currently calls DC home, and Sam lives in Philly. Throughout their long distance relationship, Becky has taken plenty of trips through Union Station, en route to visit to Sam up in Philly! I just love that the location they selected pays tribute to the very season they are living right now…. and you just can’t beat the dynamic architecture of Union Station!

I quickly learned that Becky and Sam have the biggest and most compassionate hearts. They live and love with intention and do life as a team. They had been friends for a while before they began dating which definitely paved a strong foundation for the two of them— you can feel it when you are with them! You can tell that they are just meant to be together. They’ve got such a natural rhythm and are truly unwavering in their support for the other. They have seen many seasons of life together, from graduating from Penn State, to moving to different cities, to starting careers, right on into engaged life and planning for their future together! Throughout all of the ups and downs, they have both been the other’s person.

I talk about this a lot… but in order to make the most out of many locations in DC, you have to do things right at sunrise! Union Station sees a lot of traffic, so getting there early is always a must. Becky and Sam woke up at 4:45AM (YES IN THE MORNING, Y’ALL) to prep for their engagement session, and if that isn’t the biggest honor, I don’t know what is! I think that early wakeup call sure paid off!

All of the care, thought and intention that they put into their engagement session has me so excited for their wedding! Enjoy a preview into our time together. Becky surprised Sam with the sweetest gift, midway through our session. Can anyone guess what it was?! You’ll have to scroll to find out!

A few days before Becky and Sam’s engagement session, Becky sent me an email to let me know that she would be asking Sam one really sweet question! She was going to propose BACK to Sam! She let me know that Sam is amazing at giving gifts and that she wanted to honor him by surprising him with one really amazing gift! Becky pulled out the movie ticket from their very first date and a ring for Sam to wear, right before she popped the big question!  He said yes! These two do everything in life as partners, and they both only felt it was fitting that they both wear rings during their engagement… plus, Becky wanted in on some of the proposal excitement! I just love Becky and Sam’s hearts. (And look at their smiles!!!)

Thank you to the crew that helped make Becky and Sam’s session possible: Gown: Rent the Runway | Hair and Makeup: The Starlet Parlour

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