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Ahh I am SO excited about today’s post! It actually came as a request from one of my sweet followers, and I thought it was such an amazing idea! I know that being in front of the camera can feel a little uncomfortable at times… I get it! Being photographed by a professional photographer can be a little nerve wracking… you’re dressed up, you’ve made a financial & time investment, and now she’s asking you to kiss and giggle in front of a camera?! Phew… that’s enough to kick in almost anyone’s adrenaline! I wanted to let you know that your session doesn’t have to be a scary thing!! In fact, I truly believe that your engagement session SHOULD be a total blast! I have yet to work with a single couple that wasn’t totally rocking it by the end of their session, so don’t worry! You CAN do this!!

I’ve worked to compile the top uncertainties and insecurities that I hear from clients and my thoughts on each of them! I hope today’s mini guide helps to calm some of your nerves!

Let’s get started!

We’ve never done this before & we are afraid that we aren’t going to be good at it! 

It may be bold to say, but I would say just about 95-99% of my clients haven’t been in front of the camera together yet when we have the opportunity to work together! Please know that you are not the only one that is having this thought before your session! The good news for you? I actually really LOVE when my clients haven’t been photographed professionally yet. This is one of the BEST possible scenarios because I get to teach you everything that you need to know! We will start from square one during your engagement session and will work through different poses until you are feeling  comfortable and confident! In fact, this point is the number one reason that I include a complementary engagement session with your wedding package! I get a full session to learn how to best pose with you as a couple while you get a full session to warm up to being in front of the camera! It is literally just practice for your wedding day, so by the time the day comes, you’ll feel like a pro!

I’m a little self conscious about my ____.

I know it may not be easy to admit what you are self conscious about, but my number one tip to help you deal with something you may be a little more self conscious about is just that! Vocalize your concerns to your photographer and let them know what makes you self conscious. I always try to ask my clients if there is anything I should be aware of before we begin our session, which is a great time to let me know if there is anything I should keep in mind. Remember: I’m on your side! Your wedding photographer is there to make YOU look your best, so please don’t be shy!

More on this point later, but I always say that dressing for confidence is the best thing that you can do! Focus on incorporating pieces that make you feel like YOU and that flatter your body (including the parts that may make you a little insecure!).

We’re a little awkward & don’t know how to pose ourselves! 

First, I highly doubt that you are as awkward as you think you are! Second, posing is where I come in! I am extremely “hands on” with all of my clients during portrait sessions and offer constant guidance to help you look your best! We constantly move throughout your session, so you hardly have time to feel the least bit awkward!!

Also: know that it is completely normal to feel a little awkward during the first 15-20 minutes of your session! If you’re new to being in front of the camera, getting warmed up takes a time! Once that time is over though, you’ll be rocking the little giggle & the nuzzle like an old pro!

We’re not super into PDA… is that okay?

Yes!! My goal is always to photograph you and YOUR love story. I personally believe that everyone’s love is a beautiful thing and should be photographed in a genuine and authentic way. If PDA or kissing isn’t part of your love story, I would love to know! Having an open and honest relationship with your wedding photographer is the BEST way to create photos that are true to you as a couple! As part of most sessions, I do incorporate a bit of hugging, hand holding & snuggling into posing but if anything makes you uncomfortable, all I ask is that you let me know! I never want to make you feel like anyone but yourselves!

We have no idea what to wear!! 

About a month out from every engagement session, I send a quick style guide to all of my couples with everything that you need to know about picking outfits! This little email guide offers tips and tricks for everything from styling a color palette to selecting flattering pieces and even includes hair and makeup tips for the ladies! It is always my hope that you feel like you are going into your session prepared and confident!!

If you’re still feeling stuck, I’ve been working on building outfit inspiration boards for my clients over on Pinterest! Catch my inspiration boards for the ladies here and the men here

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