Audrey and Sam | A Sunrise Engagement Session in Old Town Alexandria, VA

I’ve been excited for Audrey and Sam’s engagement session since we put it on the calendar. Not only did these two seem like a lot of fun from our email exchanges, but Audrey also let me know that their sweet beagle, Ginger, would be coming along! Y’all know I always love when my clients bring their sweet pups along!

The last couple of weeks have been hot here in the DMV… like not just a little bit hot… like 90+ degree plus humidity plus total blazing sun hot! Leading up to their session, I was a little nervous that we would all be melting! However, the morning of Audrey & Sam’s session, I walked outside and realized that the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and that the humidity was a lot more bearable! (Thank goodness!!) These two were excited about doing a sunrise session, and I am SO glad that they were!

I met Audrey, Sam & their sweet pup Ginger bright and early down in Old Town Alexandria, and we had one of the most stunning early morning golden hours I think I’ve ever seen! I loved touring town on foot with these two while getting to know them a little better. We laughed a lot, gave Ginger many head scratches & treats, and found some seriously amazing spots! Side note: I can’t wait for you to see their incredible outfit choices! (Audrey’s dresses are just PERFECT for an Old Town Alexandria engagement session!)

Audrey and Sam met in Charlotte, NC about five years ago through mutual friends. They got to know each other for a few months and soon realized that they were meant to be together! The rest was history. Sam proposed to Audrey in the absolute sweetest way! One Saturday just a few months ago, Audrey left to go to lunch with her sister and best friend. They were gone for about an hour and came home to find both of their families hanging out of her place. Sam got down on one knee and asked Audrey to be his wife! (She was so surprised!) Family is incredibly important to these two, so it meant so much to have everyone (including their sweet pup!) there to witness and celebrate… did I mention Audrey’s parents were there all the way from Rhode Island?! I just love that their entire families will have such a sweet shared memory in the future!

Audrey and Sam are planning a May 2020 wedding, and I’m counting down the days ’til their celebration! Until then, enjoy their glowy early morning summer engagement session in Old Town!

PS I just had to give a quick shoutout to Audrey’s maid of honor, Julie, for loving on sweet Ginger when I just needed Audrey and Sam in front of the camera! What an amazing friend to come out for your best friend’s 6AM engagement session! 

This was one of their warmup shots! Can y’all even believe it?! Sweet Ginger!!  We had to get a few shots of just Ginger… because just LOOK at how cute she is! (PLUS… her humans are getting married & she’s pretty excited about it!!) She was SUCH a good girl during the shoot!   That ring though 😍 These two giggled all morning long, and it was the sweetest thing!  This is one of my favorite little alleyways in all of Old Town! (I’m sure you can see why!!)  Love me a little dress swoosh!

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