Allie and Bryant | A Fall, Sunset Engagement Session in Northwest Washington, DC

Ahh I’ve been dying to share this engagement session with you since I had these two in front of my camera! Allie and Bryant are so incredibly sweet, and for their engagement session, we started at Allie’s old DC apartment, and then they literally let me chase gorgeous, glowy through Northwest DC! It was SO refreshing and fun for me as a photographer! And, y’all… just WAIT until you see some of the gorgeous spots we found on a whim!

Now… as I was deciding what to write in their engagement session blog recap, I really struggled because there is SO much that I could say about these two, but Allie is absolutely hilarious and is such an incredible writer. Her responses in her inquiry had me giggling and tearing up all at the same time! I figured it was only fitting that her words make up a portion of their blog post!

Here’s a little bit about their love story, from the sweet bride herself: “We had our first date at Bluejacket, a stone’s throw away from what would later become our future wedding venue where we continued to discuss politics, drug pricing, family…basically all of the highlights.  He kissed me on the first date and we saw each other again that week at Kramerbooks for dessert and beer.  We were both keenly aware that we were apart of something special and have been together ever since.  I’ve never met a more hilarious, brilliant, handsome, generous, and thoughtful person in my life…

We got engaged on September 22, 2018. I was keenly aware this was transpiring, as there was a mystery hold on our shared Google Calendar labeled “BBQ.”  (Allie’s Editorial note: who has a BBQ in September?)  He knew I was on to him, so there were no surprises.  Bryant also suggested we take a picnic that day in Kalorama Park (something we never do), but first stop at my old apartment building, where we both fell in love with each other and spent a lot of time together.  We got there, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I don’t even really remember exactly what he said, but I began to hysterically bawl, even though I was fully omniscient that it was coming… After that, we went to Kalorama Park where Bryant had packed a picnic bag full of delicious eats from our travels (Cheese and meat from Rioja, wine from Beaujolais, and these wonderful Italian cookies (rainbow cookies, our favorite dessert) shipped all the way from one of my favorite bakeries in Manhattan).”

These two are just THE sweetest and the easiest couple to talk to. I knew these two were my kind of people from the moment we met, but this was confirmed for about the 500th time at the end of their session when I reached into my bag and grabbed my old, beat up iPhone to take a quick selfie. I was complaining about my phone’s cracked screen and less than desirable battery life when Bryant pulled out his iPhone 5!! We had a good laugh about our love for our old phones, despite their quirks. From there, we walked home together, chatting all about wedding plans and our favorite fitness classes in the city. Ahh I just can’t wait to see these two again for their WEDDING in February!

Until then, enjoy a few sweet sneaks from their engagement session in Northwest Washington, DC!

Allie used to live in this building, and these two fell in love here! This is also where Bryant proposed! I love that they included this location in their engagement session! Then we went to Kalorama Park (where these two picnicked after Bryant proposed!!) After Kalorama Park, we wandered and explored and found some of the prettiest light and coolest spots! I love that these two trusted me to lead the way for the second half of their engagement session! That RING! One of my favorites! These two make each other SO happy! California, Europe or DC?! Can you believe this is an apartment building?! Obsessed with this evening autumn light!

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