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I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog post since I started this little mini-series right here on the blog… you see, I LOVE summer weddings. Maybe it is the Texan in me that doesn’t mind the heat or the fact that I thrive with a little extra sunshine in my life (don’t we all?), but I think summertime might just be my favorite season! With that being said though, there are some things that you should keep in mind if you are planning a summer wedding!

This quick seasonal series was originally born because I had so many people asking about the best time to have their wedding! Honestly, there is an infinite number of things that determine what months are “best” for your wedding, and I personally believe that it all starts with what you prefer as a couple! However, if you are a little overwhelmed with making decisions and don’t quite know where to start, I’ve been doing a bit of myth-busting by sharing a few key truths about having a wedding in each specific season. Throughout the year, you can expect to find a post for winter, spring, summer & fall! We’re almost through all four seasons already… that flew by!

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Summer is a season with plenty of sunshine and maybe a vacation or two. To me, life feels a little more laid back and I LOVE that the outside world comes alive with florals and leaves on trees! With that being said, summer is a season that is loved by many couples and is very popular for weddings! For starters: vendors will book FAST during peak months! May and June are statistically proven to be pretty peak months to tie the knot… if you have your eye on a specific venue or hope to work with a specific vendor or team of vendors, it is so important to inquire and book sooner, rather than later! It is also important to understand that, with a summer wedding, your family and guests may already have trips planned for your wedding date! Save the dates and sending invitations in a timely manner are always an appreciated formality, but especially for summer wedding dates!

Now… we’re going to dive into THREE major truths about summer weddings! To keep things clear, today’s post is focused on what I classify as summer in my head: Mid-May-Early September (For my DC friends, at least! This may be slightly different, depending on where you live!) Let’s dive on in!

This may seem obvious, but it will be HOT!

Summer is hot, y’all… there is NO denying that. As I write this post, it is just after 4PM, and there is a real feel of 98 degrees outside. PHEW! Some people love the heat, and some people don’t! It is really important that you know and understand what kind of person you are before planning your summer wedding day. Wedding dresses have a lot of extra material and suits have plenty of pieces too! Keep that piece of the puzzle in mind. There WILL be sweat! It is helpful to select a venue with a climate-controlled space and is also beneficial to bring along a hand towel for dabbing sweat!

If you are planning a summer wedding, DO plan a hydration routine before your wedding! Ensure that you are drinking enough water (if not a little more than usual!) leading up to your day… and then on your wedding day, keep a water bottle on hand! Sports drinks like Liquid I.V., Gatorade and even coconut water are also really helpful to have at the ready on your wedding day. Consider leaving cool waters out at your ceremony site if you are having an outdoor ceremony! Another note on water: we will be dunking your bouquet in and out of water throughout your wedding day! DO make sure your florals are delivered in a vase or you have a vase available so we can keep your blooms looking their best.

Be sure to pack a little sunscreen too, especially if you burn easily! If you are doing outdoor family portraiture, DO let your wedding photographer know in advance if there is anyone that may be sensitive to the sun or heat. The last thing anyone wants is someone becoming ill or passing out!

Bugs are a real thing.

I feel like this is a point that I always forget about summertime, but it is so important to remember… bugs are a REAL thing. And, sometimes? They’re unavoidable. From bees to mosquitos, flies, ticks & gnats, there are just more bugs during the summer. This bothers some people, and others don’t even bat an eye! What’s important, though, is that you know what kind of people you and your spouse-to-be are! Are you terrified of bees or allergic to mosquitos? Might not be the MOST romantic thing to have to spend your day dodging critters! Yes, most if not all outdoor wedding venue spaces do have procedures and treatment plans in place to keep bugs at a minimum, but bugs will still be crashing your summer wedding day in some shape or form.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, whether it be your ceremony, reception, cocktail hour or all of the above, it may be a good idea to grab some bug spray for you, your wedding party & your guests!

Weather can change quickly, especially in the evening.

If I had a dollar for every crazy evening summer storm that wasn’t in the forecast this summer, I would probably be able to buy Starbucks for a month! Even though summer is generally known for hot, sunny days, it is important to remember that summer weather can be a bit unpredictable too. Hurricane season begins June 1, but even more so than hurricanes, quick changes in the weather during the afternoon/evening and long stretches of rainy weather are patterns during the summertime. Though there is nothing that you can do to change the weather, there ARE things that you can do in advance to ensure that, if it does rain, your day will still go off without a hitch!

DO ensure that you have booked a venue with available rain plans that you love and discuss your preferred plan and setup, should there be bad weather, with your venue, planner and/or coordinator long before your wedding day! The MOST stressful thing would be deciding on and creating a rain plan ON your wedding day! Also… I know, more often than not, I’m recommending first looks for couples, but in the summer, it is definitely something that you’ll want to consider! Yes, we’ll have so much light in the evening for portraits (more on that in a minute!!), but with a higher chance of evening summer storms, sometimes that time is taken over by rain. I would hate for a couple’s portrait time to be cut short by a thunderstorm!

Bonus: you’ll never regret sneaking out for sunset portraits!

When we DO have sun in the evening, oh my goodness… the glow is just UNREAL! Part of the reason I love summertime SO much is because of ALL of the available sunlight! Right around the Summer Solstice, the sun doesn’t set until AFTER 8:40pm here in DC! (This girl’s DREAM!!!) With that being said, you’ll DEFINITELY want to make sunset portraits a priority. I promise… you’ll never regret it! Just a heads up: this may mean sneaking off during your reception! I look at sunset portrait time as a “bonus” portrait time and try to keep the time you’ll be away from your guests to about 10-15 minutes!

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